If a Mexican and a Spanish had a conversation, will they understand each other?

I heard that Mexican Spanish is different from the original Spanish Language in Spain. In what way?


  1. Of course they will understand. It’s the same language, just different variants. There’re many variants and dialects of Spanish: Castilian (of Spain), Mexican, Argentinian, Puerto Rican and others. Yes, every variant has some own words and some sounds are pronounced different…..but they don’t distinguish so much. …they would be different languages. It’s like an English man can understand American or Australian.

    So, Spanish isn’t my native language, but I understand Spaniards, and Mexicans, and Venezuelians, and Argentinians, and others…of course if they don’t use slang.
    And + in Mexico for example Spanish movies are shown. They don’t translate them in Latin variant.
    If you don’t know Spanish or know it just a bit and hear for example Spanish of Spain, then Colombian Spanish, then Argentinian….I’m sure you even won’t notice any difference…

    Āνα ķα
  2. The difference between Castillian Spanish (Spain) and Mexican Spanish is similar to the difference between British and American English, it’s in the accent.

    There is also the slang meanings of some words, much like in the US we say "I’ll give you a call" and the British say "I’ll knock you up". Say that in the US and you’ll get an entirely different reaction than in the UK. You have the same problem between the two spanish cultures.

    Grela LaTuc
  3. yes they can , mexicans in fact kept words the early spanish used so u can say mexican spanish is the original spanish.. well anyways just a thing the word " peanut" the word comes from aztec origins and it is " cacahuate" but in spain it varied and they say it " cacahuete." notice the slight difference…

    the X

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