If I have a “Latin American Spanish” learning kit- is that of Mexico/ South America/ where?

I would like to learn the Spanish/ Castilian of Buenos Aires, Argentina, although, for many reasons, the Spanish of Mexico would be good to learn, too.

I have a language kit that purports to be of a "latin american dialect", but as this seems to cover such a vast territory, I have no idea what this means. Please advise & thank you.

Also, I have another similar, albiet slightly different, question going at the same time.


  1. Latin American Spanish, would be the Spanish spoken in island countries like Cuba, and in Spanish-speaking Central and Southern American countries. Mexican Spanish is a different variety. I found this out when I tried to practice with a Nicaraguan co-worker my Spanish, which I learned in High School years ago (I learned Mexican Spanish). On several occasions he’d respond "Sorry, I can’t understand what you just said. I think that’s a Mexican word." I’d tell him in English what I meant to say, and then he’d tell me how people say it in Nicaragua, which was quite different. It seems that even the names of objects differ. For example: Mexicans call bananas platanos, but Central Americans call plantains platanos. . .

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  2. Well… Latin American Spanish…. covers all that is South America, central america and México. If is the first time you will better focus in learn it as they teach you in your kit …. Accents are always learn it in the country or are where you study.

    Even in Argentina they have many accents you can try to find about… Cordovés accent.. where is the accent that the people from Córdova Argentina comes from.. And the lists goes on.

    Despite of that you wont learn it hopefully with the typical spanish accents that is pronounces with lots of "th". And that is a bonus

  3. well a Latin American kit covers all Latin American countries like the ones in the Caribbean and the ones in central and south America but if u r looking for the Argentine accent look for things like that they say vos instead of tu and that the y sound sounds like sh sound and that words that u would reggularly say pedir in the kit says pedí

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  4. i am from venezuela,i can say all the latin countrys have some diferentes dialect,but argentinian have a lot accent,actually from argentinian people go work to mexico the have to take classes if gonna work in tv


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