If I write a letter to my Mexican friends in Mexico and use regular Spanish will they understand it?

Or do I need to find Mexican Spanish translation on the web?


  1. While there are some differences in Mexican Spanish and Spanish spoken in Spain (Castillian and Mexican/Latin) the two languages are close enough that there shouldn’t be too much meaning lost in translation.

    Many of the differences between the two languages are in how the words are pronounced as well, so in the written word, they will not be distinguishable. I think you’d be ok to write using the Spanish that you know.

  2. THey will understand your spanish. If you are in the USA, most likely your spanish is already more mexican spanish. Spanish is just like english in the fact that if I talk to someone from England, I will understand them. Maybe there are a few words that I don’t understand andtheir accent is different. It is the same with the spanish in spain and the spanish in north and south america. The accents are different and there are a few different words, but they will be able to understand each other.

    Jason B
  3. they will understand your spanish although they might write back to you differently.the only difference is that in mexico they dont use vosotros they only use

    Jacqueline N

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