If mexican people live in america shouldn't they speak english?

before you say i am racist please read i live in Green Bay,WI and we have several mexican people living in the city i’m sorry but if your a mexican living in america you should speak english and another thing is that some one sang the national anthem in spanish isn’t that a disgrace to people who fought for america? does anyone agree with me?


  1. What opinion means here is nothing, America is founded on freedom of choice, if i choose to speak swahili that is my right. That is what America is all about. God Bless Freedom.

  2. Exactly. I do feel that if you choose to live in a country, you should learn to speak the native language. I do not believe, for instance, that a state should offer a drivers test in your choice of seven languages. What’s up with that?

  3. If you ask a Liberal (who are stupid), then no. If you ask any other normal human being, then yes. Every other country has a national language you are expected to read in order to become a citizen…what is wrong with us???

  4. Yes, I think it would be right for people who choose to come to this country to learn the language used. Someone should tell that to our politicians who recently decided that instead of encouraging them to learn, we will just add another language to our public system.

    Of course that will entail some extra $$$$$ for all voice messages to be stated in two languages, as well as draining our time to hear them out each time we need to call a business or emergency number.

    This really is something the public should have been given a vote on – not decided by our elected officials without us.

  5. if i lived and worked in mexico i would learn spanish.i did live and work in germany for 3 yrs,and i did learn german out of nessessity but most of all out of respect for my host country

  6. when i heard the national anthem sung in Spanish i thought that was disrespectful and i am Latina but i wouldn’t want someone come to the Dominican republic and sing my parents national anthem in English, they should have thought twice before doing that. I think everybody, no matter what other language they speak, should learn English if you are going to live here, after all it is the national language. If i went to live outside the u.s., i would learn the native language. I get so mad at my mom who’s been living here over 25 years and doesn’t speak much English and i have to do every translation for her, i wonder what will happen when I’m not around to help her?

  7. All I know for sure is that if I went to Mexico, there would be no bi-lingual info there as there is here. If someone comes to this country, I think they should speak the language of the populous

    Linda L
  8. i dont believe that is racists

    if you were to go to china to live, would they tolerate it if you demanded everyone to speak english? or any other country for that matter? its the idea that english is the national language, and yes its ok for people to speak their own language too, but in addition to english because that is the native tongue. and personally i dont have a problem with them singing it in spanish, as long as the meaning is the same its ok. but maybe at public events they should sing in english…ya know

  9. I agree with you 100%. They expect us to speak Spanish when visiting Mexico. So do the other countries around world. Yes, if you’re an immigrant of any nationality and are in the U.S., show respect and speak English.

  10. If Americans go to live and prospect for oil in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria shouldn’t they learn the languages and cultures of the ethnic peoples whose land is destroyed daily by oil exploration activities? SAME PRINCIPLE APPLIES,BUDDY.

    Mimi U
  11. I agree with you 100% and it’s not limited to just Mexican immigrants either. I don’t care where a person is from if they live in the United States of America then they will speak English or work in a factory, plain and simple. It is to the benefit of everyone planning on living in this country for any extended amount of time to learn the language. I speak fluent Spanish and it sickens me to see a grown woman make her teenaged child translate for her. If you are old enough to pop the kid out and raise him in the USA then you better have enough intelligence to speak the language yourself!

    Chaz S
  12. When our ancestors (those of us who have British ancestors, anyway) came here, we didn’t start speaking whatever language the native americans spoke, did we? We moved here and took over and forced them to speak English.

    That being said…I just felt like making a dumb point. I do believe all people who come here should learn and speak English. Even though it wasn’t always, it is now our national language. I don’t care if you’re Mexican, Cuban, French, etc.

  13. I have friends who live in the D.F. and speak beautiful english…They are bilinguiel,, and yes,, they say anyone coming to USA needs to learn english,, Just maybe americans need to be more friendly and help them to learn.

  14. They are trying to learn. A language isn’t something that you pick up overnight. I live in the Mexican part of town and don’t speak Spanish. Sometimes I feel like the alien. But I realize that no one is making me feel that way but me.

  15. Yes. I agree 100%. When you move to another country, regardless of what country, you should speak the language of that country, not expect that country to learn your language. If I am going to vacation in Mexico for two weeks, should I expect all of Mexico to learn English and post everything in English just for me?

    Jenny A
  16. The Pioneers didn’t learn Cree or Navajo or any such native
    language. Don’t be a hypocrite.

    Also, I recall once a school superintendant banned spanish from the schools. His reason was this (in all seriousness): "If English was good enough for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, then it should be good enough for them." (Children who speak Spanish at school)
    That’s more sad than funny. Americans need a wider perspective, and I think having some other languages around is an important part of that.

  17. It’s true that they should speak English, but i know a few people who were from Mexico its about 5x harder to go from Spanish to English English to Spanish. That’s not a bad thing that they sang it in Spanish either it just means that we have more culture here kind of like at a baseball game they sing Canada’s anthem but no one complains about it. Plus we didn’t fight for freedom against Mexico we stole Texas from them so why worry about it. Plus all the kids who live here learn English and therefore their kids learn it as well so the do speak English just not very well at first but they try.

  18. I agree! I live in Waukesha county in Wisconsin and the amount of hispanics here is over whelming. There’s 2 apartment buildings one block away from where I live and all are occupied by hispanics. None of them speak english. I take daily walks and often run into them. They celebrated this past July 4th with fireworks and lots of beer and I couldn’t help wondering if they knew what they were celebrating.

  19. If american people live in mexico shouldn’t they speak spanish! What is your heritage and didn’t it take a while for your ancestors to learn the language? They will eventually learn the language in generations to come. No-one owns this country. It is a nation of such diversity, who is to say who should live on this land? Me? You? The world is owned by no-one. We all have a right to live where-ever we choose. We all, however. have to live by the laws of the country we choose otherwise face the consequences. Isn’t it a compliment that they are choosing to sing the American National Anthem in their tongue? Maybe it should be more of a concern if they were demanding to sing the Mexican Anthem here.

  20. That´s up to them, they should speak english just to be able to communicate with all non spanish speakers, i dont see any problem thta they use spanish among them.
    Also they shouldn´t expect anyone speaks spanish.

    Another thing there´s no official language in the states, so legally yo can speak what ever you want and as spanish is widely spread in case of determinig an official language you can bet it´d be english and spanish just as in canada they have english and french.
    About the anthem, it sucks, it was written in english that´s the way it’s supposed to be singed ask them if the´d like the cielito lindo sung in english.

    SCORPIEO, you talk about ignorance i bet you know because you´re one, where did you get the info that 80% of crimes are from latinos? you should do some research before saying somethig that stupid and defamatory. Just for your information since the capital sentence was reinstated in 1976 more than half of the sentenced were whites.
    I´m mexican i disagree with you AND don´t probe your point, the only point i probe is your ignorance by trying to demerit anyone who disagrees something that your not capable to stand for.

  21. Don’t stress, their every ware. Even in Alaska! Yes they should speak english, mostly because they claim to love America, but yet don’t learn our language, those that do learn the american language love america, and are greatful. But some are shady and ignorant! They speak our language but when they are talking about someone else, and that person is standing by them, they speak in spanish, because they are cowards. They wont say what they mean in english unless they are with 5 or more people against one. COWARDS. Most gangs are mexican’s, and thay fight each other, and talk about brown pride, IGNORANT! All mexicans are not like that but 80% are and it’s not fair to the mexicans that earned the right to be here. Child rapes,murders and kidnappings are documentated as: 60% mexicans,30% white and 10% blacks. That make’s a loud statement! Why can’t we find most of these people, because they are illegal. And americans suffer the loss of their children. If a mexican truely loves america they would not go around waving a mexican flag, they would go around waving an american flag, showing their apprication for our troops, instead they leach off of americans and complain about the help american’s give them and ask for more, But once again their are few mexicans that are just as good as americans. Some even fight for our country, you know why, because they love america. Other mexican’s discrase these Mexican soilders who fight for america, while these cochroaches increase gang violance and fight against america and their own kind. IGNORANT. I have mexican blood, so any mexican that disagrees with me just proves my point!

  22. First of all i want to thank chad for asking this question. I agree with you all the way anyone who coses to live in the country should be required to speak english. As stated by another person if you were to live or visit another country you would be required to speak their language. I know not everyone is like this but alot are, i see more mexicans who do not speak the english language. You have other nationalities who come to this country who will learn it like, middle easterns, asians, eurpeans, and most other countries and or continients where people live. Alot of the people who come and live in america and are from mexico never learn to speak the languag, Its one thing if you have just come here and you are learning the language but its worse when you have no intention in learning the language or you have been over here and have yet learned it.

    Another thing i want to add, there hasbeen times that i have applied for jobs and i wont get it since i dont speak spanish but the employer are more willing to hire a less qualified applicant just because they speak spanish, for job wise that hurting us the ones who are not bilingual to find and job that we are applying for.

  23. In response to the person who asked if I would be able to speak the language if I were in a foreign country, the answer is no. BUT would that country have ATM’s, etc that would ask me what language I prefer??? No. You go to Mexico and you’d better know Spanish if you expect to know what you’re reading on the ATM. And as someone who works in a call center when people call in and barely speak english, then get upset with me because I can’t understand them….THIS IS AMERICA!!! LEARN OUR LANGUAGE!!!!!

  24. “If mexican people live in america shouldn’t they speak english?”
    It all depends of what part of America you are speaking of. Do you mean North America, central, south, or do you mean The United States of America? Because America is much more than a country, is a continent. If you mean the U.S, then no ! There is no official language in The U.S, so should they learn english? It’s up to them because everything in the U.S is a choise, nothing should be forced upon an individual. Besides the actual heritage of the U.S is Indian, Spanish, and in some areas French. The Spaniards did get here before the British, they got here in the 1500’s. Imean most states and big cities have Indian and Spanish names. As for the national anthem, no it should be sang in english because it was written in english. Everybody should respect the national anthem regardless of the country.

  25. We (United States of America “Americans”) are ourselves and our country fundamentaly different from every other country i have visited. I’ll explain… When I lived in Japan all I saw (99%) were japanese….. When I visited Korea all I saw were koreans when I went to the Phillipines (other than tourists or visitors) all I saw for the most part (99%) were philipinos. What I’m getting at is “We the People” live in a country that has a perpetually changing demogrophy (if that’s a word). While the Federal Government has not seen it important enough to legislate an “Official Language” Some (many) States have. I believe the discussion brought forth here really is only the tip of the iceberg. While in Japan you would be expected to know japanese should we in America expect others to know english? Maybe yes maybe no. A conundrum arrises. A continuum if you will, with one side being no rules no singularly identifiable culture multi-lingual governance while the other side would be closed borders distanctly “american” culture, ect.
    and by “american” do we mean white christians because at this point that is probably the majority. The pro’s and con’s of each side to me are evident. On the first side (which america is for the most part now) we have many problems that arise: gangs, pockets of poverty, china town effect (pockets of certian cultures making mini-communities)(which in some cases negates national identity), a general lack of patriotism such as appreciation for ones nation and community, ect ect. On the other side if taken to the extreme it could be very dangerous aswell not unlike what Hitler tried to do for Germany when the borders were close and “national identity” was being fabricated down to the point where its populous had to have blond hair and blue eyes. To shorten and summerize my point I believe the answer lies somewhere in the middle. It would be a good idea to nurture a little more national identity where people don’t just come to america to be dependant on the state or defficate whereever and not clean it up and yet still allow people to be whatever color whatever religeon whatever they want in accordance to harmony with the populous (you can’t be cannibals in america! it takes away other right to life liberty and the persuit of happiness.) We do need to close our borders, we do need to make EVERY state AND the federal government pass legislation that America is an ENGLISH speaking nation when it comes to matters pertaining to law, politics, municpal..ect. And if you come to america you don’t keep your cultural ideas that you think its okay to kill your daughter because she was dating someone outside your race. You don’t steal peoples sh…. You don’t join mexican/black/white orriented gangs and do violence because of “pride”…… .or you get LOCKED UP! ….. maybe deported….. “We the people” , prosocute criminals, take care of our land, protect eachother… and even though we speak many languages when you get a parking ticket its in ENGLISH!

  26. They should speak any lanuage they want to because its a free country.THINK IF U WERE MEXICANO WOULD SPEAK UR LANUAGE?LIKE IF GO TO MEXICO WOULD U SPEAK ENGLISH OR SPANISH?


  28. I am an R. N. here in USA. I try to speak as much Spanish as I can and learn as much as I can from my patients ongoing. But I do get a little jacked up inside when Mexican people who live in the USA think that they should be catered to with their language. My Italian family would never have dreamed of expecting everyone to speak Italian here…..they considered it a sign of respect and assimilation (neccessity), that they speak English…..I become quietly offended when Mexican families look at ME as if I am an idiot because I do not know THEIR language. I visit Mexico frequently and am OK with sounding like a 2 year old in Spanish because I RESPECT their nation……I would never consider going to another country and expect them to cater to MY language…….I know we have no national language….but really…..why do we have to spend so much of our tax dollars because some others wish to separate themselves by being inclusive?????? It does not make any sense…but here is my ugly American comment……..if you want to live off the fat of this country….at least have the respect to speak the lone , complex, nonsensical language of English….just try….for Gods Sake!!!!!!!Actually,,,,,,,F U if you think you can make the USA into Mexico……I am damn sick of it……ya’ll just want to make USA as f’d up as Mexico is……I have experienced Mexican folk to be far more racist than the KKK………


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