1. Spanish isn’t Mexican. The closes thing to Mexican, as a language, would be Nahuatl (the language of the original Mexica people). Spaniards brought the Spanish or Castilian language to Mexico. I know you’re just joking though…:)

  2. Spaniards don’t speak Mexican. Mexican isn’t a language. Spaniards speak spanish. Mexico also speaks spanish since Mexico was colonized by Spain. Just like the US was colonized by England which they speak English and so does the US.

  3. What the **** ?!

    They don’t speak "Mexican". Spanish is a romance language closely related with French and Italian, and it has many varieties, just like English. Spanish can be spoken by every person who want to learn it, and it doesn’t matter if the person in question is black, white, yellow or green.

    I really don’t get the point of your question.

    Nadia Skeerts
  4. Spanish people speak Spanish, which makes sense when you live in Spain. As with other Europeans, they are Caucasian, or white.

    Spain had many overseas colonies, including Mexico. These countries are now independent, but, they still have Spanish as their national languages.

    Mexicans can be white, native, or a mix. Many are a mix, which is why they are often dark haired, eyed, and with light brown skin. The same is true in other parts of Central, and South America.

  5. Yes,Spaniards are White & European(Spain is a European country located in south western Europe and it’s next to Portugal and below France) and they speak Castilian Spanish.The "Spanish" that is spoken in Mexico,Guatemala,etc is NOT true authentic Castilian Spanish since the "Spanish" that is spoken in Mexico(a north American country that’s below southern California,southern New Mexico,southern Texas,southern Arizona)possess a large amount of American Indian words,dialects,etc..

    Soldier of Spain

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