If spaniards are white, how come they speak mexican?

Guacamole (or whatever your name is), why are you pretending you’re white with blond hair when you obviously talk like a mexican?


  1. Oh my God you are rediculous.
    The language is called "Spanish." People from Spain speak Spanish. When the conquistadors conquered Central/South America, the local pople were forced to learn the language, or adapted it because it was there. Modern day Mexicans speak Spanish because Spain owned the region for hundreds of years.
    There is no language called Mexican. That’s a race.

    Wright the Radical
  2. They do not speak Mexican but Catillian Spanish and in fact have trouble understanding Mexican or Latin American Spanish at time.

    Same language different dialects.

    Mr. Quarrelsome
  3. first off the language is called spanish, and they speak it because they are spaniards lol, latinos arent even there own race the are mestizos pardon the incorrect spelling, meaning a mix between white spaniards and indiginous natives.

  4. Mexican isn’t a language, stupid.
    Spaniards are not white. They are considered of the Hispanic race.
    At least that’s what I’ve heard…

    Are you white? If you are, why don’t you have a british accent?

    Your Q is kinda weird..

    ♥ ☼ Fight With LOVE ☼ ♥
  5. dumbass spanish is a european language that originated obviously in europe mexicans speak it because spaniards conquered parts of north america including mexico,florida,texas and more why do you thin in usa there are cities with spanish names?

    in fact spain has many more languages like aragonese and catalan

    how are americans white if black people speak english ? get it? its stupid

  6. I’m gonna give in to your inciting. OMG Spaniards are spaniard, i should know i am thru ancestory. Mexicans are mexican. We’re white cuz we’re european, get it straight, however i’m also native american but cherokee not aztec or anything. Next the language is castilian because it comes from castile not mexico.

  7. MEXICAN is not a race , it is a nationality , American is a race . The Mexicans illegal immigrants and the ones in their own country ,are Americans , like the rest of their race in the continent of America .There are white Mexicans in Mexico and their nationality is the same , but they aren’t Americans but Europeans and they do not bother coming to the U.S. as they are the ruling race and are loaded with cash , by the way , I smell revolution in that land in a near future .

  8. The official languish of Spain is CASTILIAN ,same in AMERICA .The Spaniards have other dialects that are spoken in their home provinces and they are not spoken in America , UNDERSTAND? MMM?. Each country in America speak Castilian with their own accent and national words like in the English speaking world .Same as in Italy , the official languish there is the TOSCANO and the nationals call it ITALIANO .
    LATIN is the name of the Roman languish , not the name of the people , they were ROMANS .Latin or Latino ia a misused name . Nobody is LATIN ,nothing else is LATIN ,Latin is dead .LATIN AMERICA is NOT LATIN it is just AMERICA .
    if there is something latin left in the world , that would be the White Europeans ,not the Americans ! Is this simple explanation ,hard to understand?

  9. Latin is a old and dead lenguage. that this lenguage born italian, french, portuguese, spenish, and rumanian.
    that Germanic saxon lenguage was born english, dutch, german, danish and others.
    Spain: country in europe.
    Hispanic. People from spain(now people that speak spanish)
    South america: the american continen is divised in 1, two or tree parts. America(americas), north america and south america, or North america south america and central america.
    after Colombus discover the American continent(south and north) the europeans powerfull wont more territories. so. The brirish empire conquest the middle Est in north america. the spanish conquest south america central america and the west cost of north america (caliifornia, nevada texas, colorado) this states has spanish names. colorado in spanish mins red colour. the portuguese the est cost of south america(brazil). in the american continent first the arrive of the europeans in there territories lived the aborigens natives (indians) in the north the red skined( siux, cheyenne, navajo eskimals) in the central america) mays and aztecs. in the south the incas, guaranis, mapuches.
    the europeans are whites. the spanish are white, the english only. after in this colonies the people want the independence. and in this moment was born the new nations. the united states of america. mexico. colombia , brazil, argentina, canada an others. in the USA the people is white becouse the majority of indias was kill or mooved. mexico have many people white but the majority is dark skined becouse the aztecs was so much. after is arrived the commerce of black people( black people comes to africa) and are go in south and north america.. in south america is mixed.. in north america.. is normal.. black man married black woman.
    in the USA use the stereotips. Mexican= spaniard = latin= dark skinned= hispanic= tacos= soccer. this is stupid.. one mexican can are white.. if his ancesters aren’t indians. for example Pau Gasol is spanish and is white. Andres Nocioni is argentinian and white. alexis Bledel( rory gilmore) is white and argentinian/mexican.. so Latin is not a race.. is a old lenguage. but now is use to speak to the culture of the south americans. hispanic is use to say people that speak spanish. Mexican is a nation. like british = uk, italian = italy. mexican = mexico. the race of the latinamericans no exist. is no one race.. is a mixed.. like the USA. you can are white, black, asian and you are american. but in the USA.. the people used.. you are mexican.. = you are latin race.. or you are hispanic race.. this is stupid. for exemple Carla from scrubs. she is latin(from culture latin) but the race is black. is a black latina.. Andres nocioni is a white Latino… sorry for my english.. i speak italian, spanish and french but the english lenguage isn’t my pasion. i hate this commercial lenguage.. becouse the english speakers thinks they are the center of the world.. and they can’t understand oher lenguages.. and we( the rest of the world) are in the school or in the desks at study your deams lenguage.. i hate speak in english…

  10. @ The ignoramus that posted the question in the first place:

    Bruahahahaha! What kind of silly question is this pal? Are you mentally retarded or only poorly educated?. Mexican IS NOT a language. Spanish IS a language and BTW it is already spoken by more than 400 million people in the world (mexicans included) and it is the second most NATIVELY spoken language after Mandarin Chinese!!.

    “Language” and “ethnic group” are two concepts that not necessarily go together and in fact many times they dont go together at all: People of ANY possible race or ethnic group could speak NATIVELY spanish the same way People of ANY possible race or ethnic group could speak NATIVELY english or any other language!.

    Spaniards are white and european and speak spanish as a mother tongue because they invented it and then they spread their language worldwide with their discoveries and conquests of new lands and thats the reason why mexicans and the vast majority of latinamericans speak spanish but they dont belong to the “white” race as spaniards do. Do you understand my clueless friend?.

    Didnt they teach you these vary basic concepts in the elementary school? oh, you never went school? No surprise as your ignorance is beyond belief pal!

    This is funny
  11. @ Fight With LOVE:

    Who told you spaniards are not white?. Nobody told you that Spain is in EUROPE and spaniards are genetically and historically as white as the rest of europeans and that in fact the word “white” means people of native european ancestry?.

    With people as ignoramus as the ones posting here no wonder the world is in such a bad shape!!

    This is funny
  12. WOW! u must be really dumb & need to go back to school asap & stay there for a long time!

    Spanish people speak spanish & some other regions in spain also speak another language like catalan. A long time Spain conquered a huge portion of the americas. Mexicans speak spanish but its slightly different because of the dialects, there are a lot of spanish speaking countries!

    but you deffinitly need to learn the history of latino america & spain if your so curious & instead instead of asking this ridiculous question!!!

  13. Im from mainland spain ( Almería). so i cant speak for the former / on going territories, but i consider myself white. ive lived in England for 15 years now and ive noticed my skin colour go lighter, all Europeans are mostly the same were skin colour is concerned it just depends on where we live, and as for the mexican language… thats funny… its just like calling English “American”. Also to the guy who said all of spain speaks Catalan, he is talking through his arse. if you told me that i am / speak catalan id probably punch you 😛 Catalan is a language i can speak and its a 2nd language in north east spain. We speak spanish…castellano.

  14. Mexican is not a language. Have a lot of people asking me the same stupid question. Now, what about the term American. I believe that Canadians, Mexicans, Central Americans, Southern Americans and people from the Caribbean are all Americans.

  15. Hispanic is not a race. Hispanic, in it’s most precise meaning, refers to Spaniards exclusively. However, it can loosely be stretched to refer to people that have been Hispanicized, much like all English speaking Americans are loosely considered Anglo Americans even though obviously not all descend back to England. Hispanics can, in the broader usage, refer to White, Black, or Mixed people. However, the average idiot American thinks Hispanic is a skin color, or some other physical appearance that sets him apart from Whites or Blacks. It is so engrained in the average doofus that when a White or Black person with a Spanish name and speaking Spanish arrives in the USA, people with either make one of these stupid remarks, “Well, they don’t look Spanish.” or “They may look White or Black, but, they’re not. They’re Spanish.” A White or Black person can have a French name and speak French, have a British name and speak English and nobody bats an eye, but let them have a Spanish name and speak Spanish, and all the common sense, intelligence, and brains goes out the window! It’s as if in the average mind of the moronic American that it’s impossible for one to have a Spanish name and speak Spanish! It creates an unsolvable conundrum that does not compute for some reason. But, as soon as a Brown person has a Spanish name and speaks Spanish, the average American sighs in relief, for this is the Hispanic they are comfy with and the one that fits their perception mold! How freakin dumb! Hispanic doesn’t equal Brown! Calling Brown Spanish speaking Latin Americans the true Hispanics would be like calling English speaking Brown Americans the true Anglos! Hello! Dumb attack! Get some brains!

  16. In america we speak american english, just like in mexico they speak mexican spanish, and if you cant differentiate between the two you are trying way to hard to be politically correct. If anything mexico is so connected to the US they have adopted spanglish words as being official Mexican Spanish

  17. Spaniards are white as are most Indo Europeans (Caucasian). Hispanic is an ethnicity and not a race. Hispanic or Latino refers to people primarily in South America that may or may not be of Spanish decent but speak the Spanish Language and are part of the Latin Culture in the New World. A Hispanic person can be White, Black, Native American or even Asian and yes Mestizo. No one speaks Mexican because Mexican is a nationality and not a language. Some people speak Spanish with a Mexican accent or a Cuban or Puerto Rican accent or a Colombian accent; but regardless the language is SPANISH and Castillian Spanish is the Spanish equivalent of people in England speaking the Queen’s English.

  18. Wow, I can’t believe how clueless a lot of you are.

    First of all, Hispanic/Latino is not a race, but an ethnicity. Secondly Hispanics/Latinos come in all races (black, white, Asian, etc). Thirdly, the majority of Spaniards/Spanish are white. However there are whites in any other Latin American country be it Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay etc – you can find whites anywhere in Latin America as well as blacks, but the most common people in Latin America are of mixed ancestry.

  19. Forgot to add:

    America is not a race, it’s a nationality (short for United States of “American”), Dominican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Honduran, Mexican = Nationalities/Ethnic backgrounds NOT races.

  20. The Spaniard language is castilian and the spanish-american language is spanish. They speak spanish because we imposed them since 15th Century. But not all of the spanish-american people has spaniard blood. There are three races: INDIANS (65%), SPANISH-INDIANS(35%) and true spaniard (10%) except of argentina, chile and uruguay. All of spaniards are white but you have to know that the south and the north of spain has different skin, spanish accent and culture. As you go to the south of spain, because of the hot weather, the skin is darker but not as indians or african. In spain we have inmigrants too and the majority cames from africa that’s why we always are fed up that the politicians don´t do anything to control the south borders. And Antonio Banderas is from the south of spain and Penelope Cruz from the center of spain.

  21. HOLY crap let me guess, this question was posted by a redneck in the south of usa right??? i should know because i live in the south and i myself am half spaniard, and i have dark skin… yet, the kids here refer to spanish as “mexican”, when there clearly isnt such thing. mexicans speak SPANISH, not MEXICAN. there is no such thing of a language called mexican, its called spanish! get it through your ignorant head. And, for the record, spanish isnt the same you dumbass, there is different accents of it. just like british and american english isnt the same you dumbass. i get criticized every day being called a mexican immigrant, even though i was born in new york, lmao. my mom is spaniard, my dad is argentinian. i tell the kids here hat spain is way different than mexico, and that mexico isnt the only damn country in the whole damn world that speaks spanish!!! i thank god im leaving this damn country and going back to spain in 2 years, so i can be with more civilized people that arent as ignorant as the rednecks in USA. as a matter of fact, and this is a true fact, rednecks give america a bad name. i mean, i love the north, and i love america, but the south is a damn nightmare, they are not as civilized as the north. They need a better education. And i am not an adult, i am a 15 year old kid saying all this. thats right. i know i am crossing the line here but someone had to say this. if u agree with me or think i am a jackass, send me a message to my email at lucasacchio9@yahoo.es

    Pissed of spaniard
  22. seriously people, whoever thinks mexican is an actual language are totally in need of education… Latin (one of the first languages spoken from the beginning of time) spread to many Mediterranean regions, and the dialects spoken in these areas, mixed to various degrees with the autochthonous languages, developed into the Romance tongues, including Aragonese, Catalan, Corsican, French, Galician, Italian, Occitan, Portuguese, Romanian, Romansh, Sardinian, Sicilian, and Spanish. so you see, in many countries they developed one of these languages. mexico, spain, and most of latin america developed “spanish.” even though we all speak the same language, each country it into their own, that’s why each country speaks spanish but have different accents, meanings, and sayings.

    i’m chicana. i can’t believe there are many idiots out there that think the same way as this person and just to think that some of them are actually a fundamental part of the worlds future. just to let you know, chicana is a u.s. citizen of a mexican descendent. typical white people thinking they know everything yet once again they know shit to the most simplest logical question. you seriously have to be un gran pendjo/a to even think mexican is a language. it’s like telling an american if their speaking british or telling an irishman if he’s speaking canadian. do you want me to go one because i have so much more to say…

  23. Again.. Again. Why Americans worry too much about us Spaniards. (If we are white if we so.. and more .
    Let me tell you about Spain.. get this. Yes We are in Europe
    and we are as we are.

    Frances el espanol
  24. I am from Spain (Spaniard) I do not understand
    why so many people in America can be so ignorant. Read before you write, this will help you with your comments.

    Frances el espanol
  25. Really? No, Spaniards do not speak Mexican. Mexican language is different. Mexican accent is a music accent. They speak singing with their spanish without the Spaniard accent. Spaniards speak original language and accent,with the accent of “Z”. I like Spaniard accent so much. I really admire the language of Spain. For me,languages has no barriers.

    Orgulloso de mis raices
  26. I like Mexican accent because they have interesting tone. I like British accent because they have exotic language. I like Italian because it is the language of love. I like French because it is the language of romance. I like English because the way they speak when they try to speak Spanish.

    Orgulloso de mis raices
  27. I like Africans people because of their excellent and admirable costumes. I like Russians because they are also intelligent and educated. Puerto Rican accent is also great, because they speak with the accent of “R”. If everybody speaks the same Spanish language, it would be boring. Oh, yes, it would be. It sounds majestically. When a language have different modisms and words becomes another language. A language which does not change words or concepts or any verb is still the same language. When the conjugate verbs and words and modism are different is a language. Any man who denies is this, is an ignorant. If an educator is teaching children or school must be trained a little bit. Teachers need training more. Children should be cultured and sophisticated and refined.

    Orgulloso de mis raices
  28. Language is not race. Language is nationality. Race is antonym of nationality. Race are characteristics or a person or more, such blood, linage, family or descendants. Race is not language.

    Orgulloso de mis raices
  29. hey all you assholes who compare stupid mexicans to educated spaniards, mexicans are latin and spaniards are european white and speak castilian not latin spanish asshole. what little castilian i know is far different than stupid mexican spanish. mexicans are so ignorant they don’t know the difference.

    i have friends from spain living close by me and their teaching me castilian and i’m damned proud of it.

  30. i’m 38 yrs old.You must be talking about spaniards born and raised in america.I’m half Spaniard alot of spaniards from america were born and raised in Texas which is a Mexican state, and alot of Mexicans have migrated back to their homeland of Texas. I have Spaniard relatives born and raised in Texas. The problem is people always try to say Spaniards from Texas are speaking Mexican spanish which is stupid. They do not speak spanish like the Mexicans. Second of all the term Mexican for the spanish language came about because alot of people who are not of Mexican descent and don’t speak that type of spanish will usually say I don’t speak Mexican. So there’s alot of Idiots out there that now think Mexican is word for the language Mexicans speak. Plus, my grandmother said she didn’t understand some of what Mexicans were saying in spanish. Some of their words meant something different to them and another thing to her.

  31. to all of you who mix filthy mexicans with educated white spaniards get a life! spaniards speak castilian and mexicans speak trash. spaniards are european white and mexicans are brown shit.

  32. to wright the radical, what kind of stupid information do you get, how dare you compare castilian from spain to filthy, stupid, smelly, dirty mexican spanish. mexican spanish is an insult to the language. yes spaniards did conquer latin america several centuries ago but the spanish accents changed and now mexico and central america mostly speak what i call ranchero spanish, it’s dogshit.

    south american mostly speaks caribbean spanish and only argentina and chile come close to castilian.

    SPAIN is castilian country and you know it, that’s white european spanish. most people who speack latin spanish won’t fully understand spaniards for it’s castilian.

    get your facts straight

    thomas (@antarcticman1)

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