If Spaniards hate Mexicans so much, why do they speak their language?

Do they hate Mexicans, or do they just hate being CALLED a Mexican?


  1. I beleive that spainards just dont like being called mexican. Actually Mexicans speak spanish because spain invaded them at some point, the origin of the language is actually Spain. So theoretically the mexicans speak the spanish language.
    Cheers, Deanna

    Deanna H
  2. Lordy, yet another example of a vapid generalization. Guess what? It’s NOT the case that all Spaniards hate ALL Mexicans.
    Some may dislike being called Mexican just as some English people may dislike being mistaken for Americans. In both cases, it’s usually because the "injured" party has a low sense of self-worth that needs to be bolstered by him/her being considered by others to belong to a "better" ethnic group (as if there were "better" groups – what a laugh.)
    And, by the way, your question has it backwards. The Spanish language originated in SPAIN – they spoke it first and exported it to Mexico. So, the Spaniards speak Spanish, well, duh – because it’s their language.

  3. I was not aware that Spaniards hated Mexicans …
    Mexico is a 3rd world country and Spain is not which may
    explain some of the disdain held by Spaniards for Mexicans.
    Mexicans speak Spanish, Spaniards do not speak Mexican.
    Can’t blame them for not wanting to be called Mexicans if they
    are Spaniards…
    Brits don’t want to be called Australians & vice versa…

    Common Sense
  4. Theres no hate between the two countries, they share the same language , religion, also the culture. in both countries they had people that are sensitive and mad. but theres no reason for your appreciation.

  5. Let me see if I can get this fact across to you….The Spaniards developed the Spanish language.Cool huh.A few hundred years ago the Spain sent their boys over to South and North America .After partying out for a hundred years or so the peoples of these areas adopted the language.That is why Mexico and many South American countries speak Spanish..

    eva b
  6. They probably hate being called Mexicans like Americans and Canadians dislike being mistaken for the other? I hope the first line of the question was a joke….

  7. Mexicans speak the language of the Spaniards. Spain put people in Mexico and a lot of other places, knowing their language and way of life. The Mexicans were being controlled by the Spaniards and fought back for Independence. The Spaniards has to retreat. The Mexiacans made them look bad. "Haha, you can’t even control your own people." They probably heard that a lot… but in Spanish…

  8. I’m Mexican, I never heard in my country that Spaniards hate Mexicans. In fact, Mexicans welcome Spaniards. Unfortunately, there is a lot of racism and discrimination in this country against Mexicans because of our history and resistance in the Southwest. Even, illegal immigration remarks a negative connotation toward Mexicans. I personally consider myself a successful person. There are good Mexican people that reserve respect.

  9. “If Spaniards hate Mexicans so much, why do they speak their language?” It’s because Spaniards love Mexicans. Give me a break. That stupid question deserves a stupid answer. Well people, let me tell you this; the Spanish language came from SPAIN. The land know as Mexico today had many different tribal languages before the Spaniards came and spilled it over. But Mexico was not the only place the Spaniards decided to spill their language over. It was spreaded out throughout most of present-day Latin America and some of the Caribbean. So my point is, SPANISH IS **NOT** A MEXICAN LANGUAGE!!!! I speak Spanish and I HATE BEING CALLED MEXICAN because I am of South American descent. Not that I have anything against Mexicans, but it is really annoying when ignorant people insist that you are something you’re not. Well, I hope I answered that question. -___-

  10. in mexico are three races: spanish/mexican: one that are descent of us the spaniards and has high level education and good economy level but the minority of the population. the mestizo or spanish/ indians with medium level of education and medium economy level and the 60% of the mexican population and finally mexican/indians the poor ones. no money no education.
    the indians hate us because in colonial era we treat them like animals, like black slaves. the mestizos were in the second class but they wanted the same treatment as spanish/mexicans we said them no because they weren’t pure blood spanish. so they betrayed us and unite with the indians in order to take independence.
    we gave them our culture, universities, cities, etc… because without us they will be like indians. nowadays our best companies are there because we are investing a lot but even now they don’t want our money or help.

  11. “spaniard” your last sentences were complete bulls*** You should read and educate yourself more. The only reason Spain was able to survive as a country is because you didn’t go to the Americas to “provide” us culture and universities but to steal OUR gold after the massacre and the venereal diseases you brought to almost entire civilizations. Yes, indigenous were civilizations (in case you didn’t know that). That’s the only reason Spain was able to survive. So much gold they took that it is said it was enough to build a bridge made of gold from South America to Spain. That’s why “Spaniard”. So please get your facts straight. Spain would be nothing without that gold you snatched from civilizations that you call “impure blood”. History repeats itself. Today, Spain is going through masses of immigration from the countries it once invaded and are seen as “low” class. Just remember the savage ways Spain used almost killed off all our ancestors.

  12. I am spaniard, I was born in spain, I do not hate the mexican people, I do however hate being called a mexican, so much gente ignorante in this world think that mexicans are the first spanish speakers, and we speak the same language, we do not it may sound the same, it may have basically the same words, but the way it is spoken, it is like a poem being recited, for both ways, the way it is spoken, can make it the most beautiful. I hate being called mexican, because I am always said that I am. When I am not.

  13. Today I took a walk in downtown L.A. This city is full of many races, colors and creeds form all over the world. I saw Latinos from Mexico, Central and South America. I said look at all these people who make up the make up the so called Hispanic race. They were white, brown, black, and yes even Asian. I thought hmmm, they all get along so well. They even get along with the people from the middle east, The Indians from India, and other races from far away countries. They also got along with the whites from Europe. In my book that’s all that matters.

    Haters are gonna hate and its that simple.

    In the words of a famous thug who is dead, Can’t we just get along!

    The Blue Demon
  14. for those of you who don’t know the difference between latin spanish and castilian from spain let me educate you despite i’m not latin or spaniard but have friends from spain and know many mexicans and will tell you never call a spaniard a mexican for you will start a war for spaniards are more educated than stupid mexicans and i hate mexicans.

  15. Lol. Thomas, you sound like an inbred white euroPEON. I’m native American mixed with German and French, but I “look” Mexican. I had a Spanish teacher (a native of Spain who moved to America searching for that “American dream” … But all that dream let her be was math teache) that was deeply prejudice against me because of my skin color. So, I do buy into the Spanish “look down” on us brown skins. Either way it’s a free country so they can think what they want. But, as it has already be stated a multitude of times the Spaniards spawned the language (derived from the Romans of course … Remember they spoke Latin … Which in turned spawned I-talian, Spanish, retarded Spanish {Portuguese}, and God knows what else.

    Haters gonna hate, but I’m not losing any sleep over it.

    Rey Trasgo
  16. I’m Filipino-American …Most Mexicans have Spaniard -blood lineage on them. They are beautiful people for God’s sake. I have seen Mexicans that are blonde, blue-eyed. and light skinned beauties. There are Mexican-Indian too and they look pretty as well. The whole country has tons of senoritas. Spaniards don’t hate Mexicans. That’s stupid!!
    Do not give Mexico a bad name. Our Filipino culture are more in tuned with Mexico than Vietnam or China. Mexico is 7000 miles away. Filipinos, Mexicans and Spaniards shared common interests at one time in our history. We all speak Spanish at one time except Filipinos diverted to English. Mexico is a country to be respected.

    Manny Oban

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