1. Mexicans speak Spanish. You know Christopher Columbus? He arrived in the Americas in 1492 representing the Spanish Crown (Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand). Spain ruled Mexico, and western South America; Portugal got a chunk of eastern South America (that’s why Brazilians speak Portuguese). Mexicans are a mix of Spanish European and the Native Americans the conquistadors enslaved

    The Persecuted Christian
  2. Could it have something to do with their having invaded Mexico a couple of hundred years or so ago?

    Maybe they liked the language and brought it home with them…

    Or here is another wise thought. Maybe they enforced Spanish on the poor old Mexicans who were living there then and talking in their Inca type languages…! Now that works for me

    Christine H
  3. Ethnicity has nothing to do with skin color. I am white but I have tan skin year round. Also it is Spanish. Not Mexican. Mexican is an ethnicity not a language


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