1. What do you mean? That because they LOOK white, why do they speak Spanish? Spanish people don’t speak Mexican, they speak Spanish. Mexican is an ethnicity. Spanish people speak Spanish because that is their native language.

  2. Mexican is not a language. Spanish people don’t live in Mexico but in Spain. People who live or have born in Mexico are called Mexicans, most of them are mixed, while most Spaniards are white. There are hundreds of languages spoken there. The most spoken of them is Mexican Spanish, which is a diferent dialect of the Spanish language much like American and British English are.

  3. there is no such thing as a "mexian language" (google it), it is called: spanish
    and why does it matter if they are white or non white, does it affect your every day life somehow? are you not able to sleep because of it?
    Hope not and that you are well…

    R A
  4. Who the hell has told u that? Spanish speak Spanish, Mexican speak with a different accent. An don’t forget… there are a lot of white Mexican, since some of them have white gene.

    Claire Redfield

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