I'm 72 years old and want to adopt a nice Mexican boy. I don't speak Spanish and can't eat spicy food.

I’m already 72 and I don’t want 30 more grandchildren. Are hispanics from Guatemala or Salvador any different?


  1. Sounds like you might be one of those love Papa’s. This kinda thing isn’t or shouldn’t be a joking matter so SHAME on you if that’s what you are up to.
    One the other hand, just a personal experience story. In the past I have hired young men to do work for me and some of the work required agility that the older guys couldn’t as easily do, so I would go donw to the local hang for the Mexican crowd and run the gauntlet of worker types and would pick younger men/boys to do the work I needed. Frequently, these young Mexican men would kinda come on to me in a homsexual approach, obviously thinking because I picked a young man, that I wanted more than just their strong backs! Ack! It was icky! So anyway, I’ve been around in the Southern climbs and that sort of Man/boy stuff does go on apparently.
    I personally do think there is a difference in the different cultures and morays. I rather like the Guate culture but if you are serious (and I don’t think you are) to help a poor child of any country would/should warm the cockles of your heart. Keep that carefully in mind as you go about your businss of saving the world by helping a needy child from a wayward culture.

  2. I think you are simply stirring the pot of racial bigotry
    Why does he have to be Mexican ? I think you are full of ca ca buddy. Stop being a lecherous old man or a BS er


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