I'm getting Rosetta Stone for Christmas. I wanted should I get the Latin American or European Spanish?

My family is from the Latin America but my tia suggests that I learn proper European Spanish in case I ever go to Spain or get a job that requires Spanish. I wanted to know if it would make a difference.


  1. Although they have some slight variations, the languages of South America and Spain are 95% the same. All that changes is the accent and some words with slightly different meanings. So, whichever! 🙂
    I’ve studied the official spanish language of Spain, though (also known as Castellano), and I’d definitely recommend it.

    Elias K
  2. There is NO such thing as "European" Spanish, it is known as "Insular" Spanish.

    Proper Spanish is proper, regardless where you learn it, or use it. Insular Spanish has its own vocabulary and accent, and unless you will communicate exclusively with Spaniards or move to Spain, I suggest you study Latin American Spanish.


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