Im making mexican hot chocolate for a spanish project but what can i serve with it?

Help with what i can serve with mexican hot chocolate that i can buy in stores.


  1. if you have a mexican/latin store anywhere around, pick up some sopapillas and serve them with honey. if not, fry some tortillas and sprinkle them with sugar and cinnamon

    Ryan O
  2. sho. mmmmm. or cinnimon rolls.

    i did this once for a day of the dead project and I brought in candied grasshoppers. that was…umm…a hit you could say. lol. the class loved the idea. you can buy them at almost any store too..unless you prefer to catch and candy them yourself…

    PS-best answer?

  3. You could buy a hard cookie, that your class can enjoy with the hot chocolate….What i remember Mexican Hot Chocolate is a little bit bitter, so get a hard cookie that is a bit sweeter.

    You could buy some marangue cookies, they go well with any type of hot chocolate.

    Ok this is the extreme but I highly recommend it….Popcorn with hot chocolate, again it sounds far-fetched but hear me out. The popcorn, with its saltiness, and the hot chocolate, with its sweetness, great combo.

    Good luck!!

  4. Some Mexican sweet breads would be good. I shop a Mal Mart and they have colored Mexican sweet breads some sprinkled with sugar, Cinnamon and some are fruit filled. Hope this helped you.

    Harry H

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