Im wondering, why do spaniards speak spanish with a lisp?

Also, why don’t hispanics speak spanish with a lisp


  1. For us is not a lisp, it is the correct way (for us) to pronounce the words. We make a distinction between ‘se’ and ‘ce’ and ‘su’ and ‘zu’ for example.

    Some people of Spain, depending on the region, do speak with a lisp, but of course in their region is the normal way to speak. In Spanish to speak with a lisp is ‘cecear’, to pronounce ‘s’ and ‘z’ like ‘c’.

    To pronounce ‘z’ and ‘c’ like ‘s’ is call ‘sesear’, it is normal in most of hispanics countries and in some regions of Spain.
    All of them are correct ways to speak, but if you live and you had been raise where they don’t ‘sesean’ or ‘cecean’ and you do you should go to a speech therapist. 🙂

  2. I’m no expert, but I have heard it said that some dialects of Spanish are pronounced with a lisp because of a certain Spanish king (prince? royal person?) who spoke with a lisp. In a spirit of extreme political correctness, courtiers adopted the lisp out of repect to the king (?).

    But this is only what I have heard, and anyone with better info is invited to correct me.

    EDIT: hahaha, stereotypically, gay males sometimes speak with a lisp, so maybe that’s why YA put the question here!

  3. My theory is that it’s the influence of Portuguese. Obviously, Spain is next to Portugal and Argentina, where the language has similar eccentricities, is next to Portuguese speaking Brazil.

  4. I would believe all this if it wasn’t for the fact that their “ch” as in chacha sounds like the “ts” in tsetse. Any person with a lisp will pronounce Chichi as tsitsi. Furthermore, Latin American sounds lack the peculiar spanish c,z, harsh s and frothy f sounds.

    Felicien Katikwash wa gema
  5. For the same reason people now leave the bottom button undone on a suit jacket, because they are mindless sheep! They follow a trend and then it becomes the way it’s done. In borh people saw or heard some one doing things wrong or lazily and you know monkey see monkey do. People from Spain will try to deny it, its funny to me because that’s how gays talk where I’m from. So when I here a spaniard talk I’m like gaaayyeeeeeee!


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