In Language: What is the Difference between Puerto Rican Spanish and Mexican Spanish?

I am a complete outsider to these culture groups. I am not Puerto Rican and I am Not Mexican. But i want to know your opinion on the subject? What do PR’s think of Mex. Spanish and mex Culture? What to mexs think of PR Spanish and PR’s culture.

PS. I’m Salvadoran
Go Central American
Go C.A.


  1. Its just live above. English is different on US than Britain or Australia.

    Northern Mexican accent is very neutral. I know it b/c I live there. Spain’s spanish is quite very different than the others. It would kinda assimilate with Argentina’s. And the other South America like Colombia, Venezuela or Peru are very alike. Puerto Rican jut sucks, they cant even mention their country’s name correctly. Puelto Lico its how they say it. Lol

  2. Puerto Ricans speak faster and tend to omit the final letter when pronouncing (especially if its an r or an s) they use many anglicisms (english words that are given some spanish adjustment? )

    Martha M
  3. It’s funny how mexicans usually are the ones making fun of the puerto rican accent. We don’t say Puelto Lico. Maybe it’s the Puerto Ricans who main language is English, and haven’t really lived in Puerto Rico that use that. Unlike Mexicans who jump the fence to get here and no being able to speak english, Puerto Ricans ( who don’t need green cards) speak fluent english and forget how to speak spanish. My my motto is, you never hear a Puerto Rican who doesn’t speak english, unlike a mexican who come here, continue speaking spanish, and don’t bother to pick up the english language.

    Jorge C
  4. Honestly the truth about us Puerto Ricans, we get so used to speaking english that we lost our spanish. However, we speak spanish like every country, only ours has some slang in it and we speak extremely fast. The difference Mexicans speak extreamly slow and they dont critized for their slang like we do.

    martinez girl
  5. The truth about Mexicans and puerto ricans not liking each other I guess you can make an assumption with the comments left. I guess we are both really passionate people and speak our minds and the reason some Mexicans don’t speak or bother to learn english is because they don’t need it to reside in the U.S. period like it or not we are the majority and will continue to be for years to come.!!!!!

  6. I would have to leave it at that Puerto Rican Spanish throught-out the years has adapted to speak a Spanish Americans can understand. However, I have to recognize that there is a poblation that emigrated to the US (1960’s) that as stated above and forgot how to speak the language. Just a few words as they had children, those few words were passed on incorrectly spoken and learned. Also, there are rural areas on the Island that carry-out specific words. Bottom line, Puerto Rico is a Common Wealth of the US, and Offical American Terrritory with the privelge to be a US Citizen. First language Spanish and second taught since Pre-K is English. We are a Country that is considered to be unique and multi-cultural. From the baby-boomer to the present generation, we have a best in class educated population and top notch universities, specifically the one in Mayaguez. Almost to all the NASA engineers are hired there. There is no such thing as “proper” Spanish, today it’s all about adapting to the best fit, be it music, acting, etc.

  7. Okay.. for all you people getting aggressive, ya’ll need to calm down. Im Mexican, & I live in Puerto Rico for about a year now. We are all Latinos & thats all that really matters. We are brown damn it. As far as accents go, i recently picked up the P.R’n accent my self… its a beautiful accent…. how ever when i 1st got here every1 loved my Mexican accent… a lot of people wownt say it, but they do. A lot PR’s might like the Mexican accent but wownt say it, likewise Mexicans about PR’s…. we can all recognize the beauty of each others accent… people are just too PROUD too complement some1 else’s accent. We’re too prideful as latinos.


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