In Latin American Spanish, what is the difference between ”adonde” and ”donde?”?


  1. The way I understand it, donde means ‘where’ and adonde means ‘where to’.

    Donde is used when an object/person is stationary
    e.g. ¿dónde está mi libro?

    But if for example you wanted to talk about where you’re going to on holiday
    ¿adónde vas a ir para tus vacaciones?

    Obviously they don’t just have to be used in questions.

    I hope this helps =)

    Dumbledore Is Gay!! =D
  2. a = to

    donde = where.

    adonde = to where

    And it´s just Spanish.

    There is so little difference between Peninsular and Latinamerican Spanish that there is no need to specify. Seriously. The only differences are vosotros and the direct object pronouns.


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