In spain do they speak nasty? My mom is mexican & she says they have dirty mouths?

My mom is mexican and I dont speak spanish fluently but I do understand some, But she says that SPaniards speak very nasty & use alot of curse words, is that true?
I told her but Mexican speak alot of bad words too, but she Says to me Spaniards speak especially nasty like it is Normal For them to speak nasty that way.
Is that true? Im confused why my mom is saying this.


  1. Uhhhhhh no.

    I’ve heard MUCH worse from most Mexicans, sorry to say. Of course, many of the students where I live don’t necessarily come from the best of families.

    I have no idea what your mother is getting at.

  2. Your Mom is completely correct. From a Mexican standpoint, they have very dirty mouths.

    I was shocked when I went to live in Madrid, and I’m from Scotland.. Mexicans are shocked even more.

    Little kids would say things to their mothers like, "Mom I want an F’ing ice cream"
    "jopi" Jo*er, seemed to be the word on everyone’s lips.
    Men called women, "co*o" in public! Even kids to girls! (I found that gross!).
    Then there are Castillian speakers calling a ‘trasero’ a ‘culo’ and ‘cojer el bus’ – both surprising to Mexicans even if you know Spaniards do it.

    Swearing reached its height during the change from Fascism to Socialism, La Movida. I suppose it was a reaction to new found freedoms.

    In Barcelona, where I live now, people swear no more than anywhere else and generally because something hurts! Even when a human tower collapses, nobody swears!

    "Hay quienes chingan por chingones y quienes chingan por chingar" Octavio Paz

  3. To an outsider it can often seem that Spaniards use inappropriate language quite a lot, for example I heard a Woman in her eighties shout across the road to her friend the other day, referring to her as ‘a c**t’. This kind of sexual-oreintated swearing doesn’t seem to phase many people, whereas swearing with religious overtones seems to be looked down on.
    – I think the key is for outsiders not to see it as swearing as such, just slang.

  4. Well… Sometimes we say badwords, but for us it’s not that bad to say them… Americans don’t use to say them but for us is very usual, and when you americans hear us say those things you get like: WHAT DID HE SAY? like if he had just killed anyone…
    Anywhere sometimes americans exaggerate about those things, i thing is a part of our culture and if you come to spain, just say some because then you’ll be speaking spanish as spanish do xD

    It maybe sounds nasty for you, but for spanish it’s not nasty say sometimes a little badword 😉

    Sunday Girl ♥

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