In Spain, if I speak Spanish with a Mexican accent, will I be treated differently?

Since I am going to be in Portugal for a week with family, we have decided that we will be taking a trip to Madrid for a week or so. I’m American, so when my best friend taught me Spanish back in middle school, she taught me to pronounce things with a Mexican accent. So, I was wondering if in Spain, if they heard that I spoke my Spanish with a Mexican accent, would I be looked down upon or treated differently? Thank you so much, I’m looking forward to my trip! =)


  1. No, just people would think that you’re a tourist.

    Mexicans do not usually inmigrate to Spain. Usually, the mexicans you see in Spain are wealthy mexican tourists, so the treat you’d receive would be the same one as for a tourist. Nothing bad.

  2. You’re going to be speaking Spanish with an AMERICAN accent!

    Hey, I speak with an American/Andaluz accent and I got comments in Barcelona! Seriously….they’ll know.

    Looked down on? Why?

  3. No. You will be treated like everyone else.

    If you sound like Mario Moreno, they may smile. Everyone has fond memories of Cantinflas!

    Just because North Americans look down on and insult Mexicans, does not mean that this happens in more civilized and more educated countries overseas.

  4. If you just learnt spanish they will catch your american accent… probably your american accent is stronger than your mexican one so they won’t know the difference. Anyway, Spain is very touristic country so they are used to lots of accents and people from anywhere.
    Have fun!


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