In USA, do they teach mexican spanish or Castellano??

I am just wondering, in USa, do they teach mexican spanish? or castellano???


  1. It Doesn’t Exist Mexican Spanish, I Mean Not As A Real Language, Just As An Example Of All The Type Of Spanish That We Have In Latin America. Like In Argentina, They Speaks Really Different From The Other Latin Countries.
    I Think That In USA They Should Teach Spanish From Spain, With The Vosotros And All That, Because Here, In Latina America, We Learn The English From England.

    We Call It Castellano.


    Blessings From Argentina.


  2. Mostly Costillian, but some Mexican, and South American dialects.There are about 20 countries whose primary language is Spanish, and all of these countries have MANY different dialects. There is no such thing as wrong spanish; It is a geographical thing. I learned in Southern Spain ( Andalucia ), and have always managed to get along okay ! Strongly RECOMMEND the Rosetta Stone system !

    Sweetdaddy Rex
  3. Castillian Spanish because we are learning it not for communication but for literature. Same with French vs Canadian French. In my school we do not skip Vosotros, we learn all 6 conjugations.

    con gấu bằng vải nhồi bông gòn
  4. Castilian Spanish was taught in American colleges and high schools until the 1950’s. Then they began shifting over to the Mexico City Standard which is what it is taught today.

    However, Cuban and Puerto Rican Spanish are somewhat different from both of these. The only way to learn them is from native speakers.


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