Is anyone interested in buying copies of Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish levels 1 and 2?

They don’t come in the original box or with texts, but the texts can be downloaded from the Rosetta Stone website.


  1. I just answering this, cause you mention Spanish, and I like to teach and learn, so anyone who wants to practise Spanish just mail me , I have a lot of time.

    Very sincerely


    Greetings from Buenos Aires

    Daniel C
  2. I am very interested in teaching my children Spanish. We live in a small area with many Spanish speaking families. My children really want to learn the language but I can’t remember much from my highschool Spanish class. Unfortunatly, the Spanish speaking people in our neighborhood can’t teach my children Spanish because their English isn’t all that good. We have learned some new words. I recently found out that the nickname I was given by a Spanish speaking friend meant cow (my husband is called Torro, so I was nicknamed Bacca. not sure on spelling). Couldn’t figure out why they always laughed about it until one day one of them informed me what Bacca meant. Wish I would have known sooner before the nickname stuck.


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