Is Chilean spanish very different from Mexican spanish?

I’m thinking about going to Chile to teach English over the summer, but I heard different dialects of Spanish can be hard to understand. I think the Spanish I learned in high school is Mexican Spanish.


  1. Americo G is right.

    But Chilean Spanish is quite notorious among Spanish speakers themselves for being a bit harder to understand.

    Once you get used to it it’ll be no problem though.

    One characteristic of Chilean Spanish which is quite widespread in the spoken, yet not the written language, is the Chilean voseo.

    The trick is to look at the conjugation of "vosotros".
    If it ends in -áis then it becomes -ái or -áy in Chile.
    The endings -éis and -ís both merged into -ís, or -íh, because the final S is aspirated.

    For example:

    Tú – Vosotros – Chilean voseo

    tú hablas – vosotros habláis – tú ablái
    tú estás – vosotros estáis – tú ehtái
    tú comes – vosotros coméis – tú comíh
    tú haces – vosotros hacéis – tú acíh
    tú vives – vosotros vivís – tú vivíh
    no te preocupes – no os preocupéis – no te preocupíh
    no digas nada – no digáis nada – no digái nada
    quiero que hables – … que habléis – … que ablíh

    Notice that some vowels change:
    tú duermes – vosotros dormís – tú dormíh
    que duermas bien – que durmáis bien – que durmái bien
    tú puedes – vosotros podéis – tú podíh
    tú quieres – vosotros queréis – tú queríh
    tú juegas – vosotros jugáis – tú jugái

    Another characteristic of Chilean Spanish, as mentioned before, is that they aspirate the final S within a syllable. Sometimes so weakly that it is barely audible.

    For example:
    "Cómo estás?" – "Cómo ehtái?".
    Nosotros somos chilenos, y ustedes? – nosotroh somoh chilenoh, y uhtéeh?

    All in all, Chilean sounds nice, though.

    Have fun in Chile!
    "Que te divertái bien!" 😉

    Ciko wapo
  2. It’s the same. Just a few differences in accent and vocabulary, but nothing hard to understand. Latinoamerican spanish dialects are very similar to each other. I think is harder for an american to understand scottish english.
    Mexicans, chileans, peruvians, can understand each other perfectly.

    Americo G
  3. It’s different but understandable for the most part. The accent is different and also some words and slang.
    I’m a Mexican Spanish speaker and I have more trouble understanding some regional accents from Spain and some from the Caribbean.


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