Is difficult for you learn and speak spanish?

Hi, my name is Marcos and I’m 14. I’m learning English and I’m an usual user on Yahoo! España and today I decided ask one questions for english users. Is Spanish difficult for you?? For me, English is quite easy and I can speak and understand very well… I hope answers…



  1. I think, as an english speaking person, tha German is the easiest. Even though I’m from Texas, I have a lot of trouble learning Spanish and the worst part is geting which type of spanish. I took french, although latin is the most benefitial… for educational purposes

    Becks W
  2. I know basic Spanish, and while I can’t speak it fluently, I’m capable of reading keywords so I at least get the gist of the sentence. I didn’t find what I have learned difficult.

  3. It is not hard for me since i am spanish speaker myself, but i have seen so many Hispanic people who come from Spanish speaking Parents and they do not even know one word ni spanish….

    It is so great being bilingual, but i am eager to learn more languages like Italian 🙂

  4. I am 15 and I have been learning spanish for almost 4 years now. To me, the first few years are the most difficult, but after that, the language starts to become easier.

  5. Many people will tell you Spanish is easy.I am sure they know very little.
    Yet for an English speaker Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn.However it is not as easy as English.Writing and spelling in Spanish is easier.

    I like friends everywhere,esp.+D

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