is guajolote a turkey in mexican spanish? is banana in mexico called a platano?

is guajolote a turkey in mexican spanish? is banana in mexico called a platano
whats difference between pavo and guajolote


  1. I live in San Felipe Mexico, and when I go to the store I see both platanos and bananas. The platanos are a little bigger and not very sweet and there is a sign that says ‘Platanos’. The bananas that us Americans are familiar with are the same thing here, with a sign that says ‘bananas’.

    The only way I’ve ever seen turkey here has been Pavo. lol

    The sign under the bean sprouts says ‘chop suey’!

  2. yes, banana is called platano.
    and also yes a guajolote and a turkey is the same, guajolote came from the nahuatl language which was used by the aztecs and then when the Spaniards came they used the word pavo so its basically the same

  3. Pavo is the traditional word for turkey in Spanish. Guajolote derives from the Náhuatl word cuauhxolotl. Guajolote is indeed used to mean turkey in Mexico, but if you buy a Christmas turkey at the supermarket it says "pavo" on the label. Guajolote is a more rural term used for the animal and not for the meat- if that makes sense.

    Plátano is used for banana in most Spanish speaking countries and plátano is the word for banana here in Mexico


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