Is it becoming more/less common for latino en america to not speak spanish?

I am just curious, I met a kid whose whole family is mexican but they did not teach him spanish so he can be more americanized and he told me he hates when people assume he knows spanish. Is it becoming more common for 2nd/3rd generations of latino people in america to not speak spanish, or not know it fluently?


  1. yes sadly it is… i have a friend thats half fillipino and half mexican… he cant speak either of his own languag’es its so funny i tease him all the time

  2. it is becoming more common for latino in america to not speak spanish. the same goes to asian people, they cant speak their native language much.

  3. well its just that parents don’tt seem to be willing to teach their kids two languages.. im puertorican my first language is spanish but im bilingual..i guess im a lucky one… honestly ive alwayspreferredd english though but itdoesn’tt mean i cant speak either one fluently

  4. yes it is becoming more common for latinos in america to not speak spanish. I’m bilingual and can honestly say that it is so much better than only speaking one language. It has saved me from many situations. some parents don’t realize the damage they are causing by not teaching their home language to these children. Better jobs await those who speak more than one language!!

  5. I speak three languishes and I’m unemployed , you must know something I don’t. There are thousands of master’s degree graduates ,that cannot find employment .Aren’t you perhaps ,referring to polyglot guys trafficking w/drugs
    down at the border w/ Mexico ?


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