Is it becoming more/less common for latino en america to not speak spanish?

I am just curious, I met a kid whose whole family is mexican but they did not teach him spanish so he can be more americanized and he told me he hates when people assume he knows spanish. Is it becoming more common for 2nd/3rd generations of latino people in america to not speak spanish, or not know it fluently?


  1. its pretty common but i think families should teach their kids their language.
    my family taught me spanish even though we dont live in our home country anymore.
    i think its important for the child to know his culture and language and its also a great advantage in life to know many languages.
    but some people, especially hispanics, seem to worry that their kids wont "fit in" the american society if they speak spanish..

  2. I think its becoming more common. Most middle schools give their students a choice between learning French or English, and most of the people almost always take Spanish.

  3. those peolple r stupid they should teach their kids spanish too how can they consider themselves "Mexican" if they dont speak Spanish f*cking gringos wanna be

    AT V
  4. Hi! I’m from Colombia, and it depends the family, and of course that u live in the states or something, 4 instance here people always speak in spanish, is so weird that people speak in another language, for me i speak in english with people that i know they know how to do that…well i know people that live in the states and they have kids and they dont know how to speak spanish, and they are colombian people, they know few words but that’s it…it depends if u want ur kids to speak ur main language or another one
    Have a nice day! 🙂
    pd. I dont know how to speak english fluently hehe i hope it is well-written 😉

    Colombiana91-No mas FARC!!
  5. Sadly, monolingualism is increasing among Latinos in America. You might be interested to read an article by García and Mason “Where in the world is U.S. Spanish?" Basically it says that due to the fact that in America, Spanish is "minoritized" and Spanish-speaking people "racialized", Hispanic parents have had the incentives to raise their children as monolingual English speakers so they could (as you said) be more "americanized" and have more chances to succeed in the society. Ironically, at the same time there has been an explosion of American high school students who started learning Spanish, since there are so many Spanish speakers in the U.S. Result: Hispanic parents are not taking advantage of the fact that they could raise their children as natural bilinguals and the 2nd/3rd generations of Latinos are not as competitive as they could be. (If you want to know what is meant by "minoritized" and "racialized", I can explain further.)

  6. It depends on the family. Like im dominican and some of my family speaks spanish and some dont but the ones that dont its not like they dont want to be latino its because their parents dont want them to have to struggle in school because they dont know english. thats why in my family we learn english first and its our choice if we want to elarn spanish. if we choose not to its ok. we can always learn it. and plus its way easier to learn spanish than english because english is very hard to learn.

  7. When are you people , going to understand that you are not LATINOS . That is a false identity ,neither are you Spanish or Hispanics , you are Dominicans , that is your nationality and whatever your race is ,Be proud of it ! Do not try to hide it because it is obvious , it is also obvious ,that you are not Latinos , nobody is that, in this Continent ,unless you are White ,and I am sure you are not !


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