Is it becoming more/less common for latino en america to not speak spanish?

I am just curious, I met a kid whose whole family is mexican but they did not teach him spanish so he can be more americanized and he told me he hates when people assume he knows spanish. Is it becoming more common for 2nd/3rd generations of latino people in america to not speak spanish, or not know it fluently?


  1. I Think It is becoming more common. What happens is that, believe it or not, there is a lot of racism and in most places hispanics are looked down upon. 1st generation immigrants don’t want their kids to go through that hassle. That’s the reason why most 2nd/3rd generation Hispanics in The USA don’t know how to speak Spanish.

    It all comes to people’s ignorance since they’re giving more importance to what others think about them/their children, to the fact they’ll be labelled as immigrants when they are, and there’s nothing wrong with it, and don’t think about the advantages it has to speak more than 1 language.

    The more you know, the more opportunities you have.

    El magno
  2. Well it’s the same with just about any immigrant group. I’d say it was less common with the 2nd generation immigrants though. I have met quite a few 3rd generation Latinos that can’t speak/understand Spanish very well.

  3. It comes with the fact that people think that:

    1). We all know Spanish.

    2). We are all Mexican, Puerto Rican, or Cuban (my nationality is American, my mother’s family came from Mexico, Argentina)

    3). We are a race (US is the only place where the Hispanic race exists)


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