Is it discrimination to get passed over for a job because you cannot speak Spanish?

If you are one of the last 2 applicants interviewed for the job and they turn you down because you don’t speak Spanish; is that not discrimination?


  1. If speaking spanish is something you need to know for the job, no way–if you can’t do the job, getting turned down for not knowing it is not discrimination.

    If speaking spanish is a trivial part of the job that almost never comes up, and you could do the job fine without speaking spanish, it could be discrimination. It would be difficult to make a case for you though–I’d have to know more about the situation and what evidence you have to know if you have a chance.

  2. If a tall guy can’t fit in a cockpit of a jet and they don’t let him fly is that discrimination? In a free market the employer can decide who they think is best for the job. That doesn’t even have to be part of the profession. The employer wants to find someone who can speak spanish and does a good job. It’s up to the employer.


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