Is it easy to learn Portuguese if you speak Spanish?

Spanish is my first language and I really want to learn Portuguese before I go to brazil in two years. Do you think it’s possible to learn the basics before then.


  1. Yes, It’s going to be very easy. The languages are very nearly the same thing, minus a couple grammar, syntax, etc. Just from reading various signs and watching shows, it is very easy to understand the majority of Spanish. Due to the accent that they use, It would easier to learn Portugal Portuguese but, all the same. it’s the same.

  2. To learn Spanish the easiest first language is Portuguese, the other way around is a bit trickier due to grammar but yes in two years it could be possible to learn most of the basis if you take an intensive course or train with a portuguese speaker.

    Try it helps too

  3. Yes, it is easy to learn because Portuguese and Spanish are very similar. I speak Spanish (not a native speaker) and can recognize and understand some Brazilian Portuguese when it is being spoken.


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