Is it impossible for two people to have a relationship if they cant speak much of each others language?

Ok, so I like this mexican guy and he likes me back. But the problem is he speaks a little bit of english, and I speak very little spanish. But we really like each other. I dont know what to do. We dont get to talk much because he works a lot. What is yalls opinion?


  1. Love is love. You can’t help it, sometimes actions speak louder than words etc… it’s so cliche but it actually can work. It makes it more of a challenge, but much more special, because if you want to make your relationship work the best, you have to be creative and really want it to work. So, pick up Rosetta Stone or something, and good luck!

  2. What if you try learning some more Spanish, and he tries learning some more English? Then maybe you’ll be able to use a combination of both languages. =)

    ..I think there is hope for the two of you, if you really want to make it work.

    ♥Cуαиι∂є♥ [мσяє тσχι¢ тнαи тнσυ]
  3. Try learning a bit of each other languages. If it would/could work this way, write it out, then use a translator or something to write it out in Spanish, or vice versa. Either way just try to learn some of each others languages.

  4. It depends on what sort of relationship you plan on having. If it’s purely a physical relationship, then you shouldn’t have a problem, otherwise I’d pick up a Rosetta Stone tape on Spanish quick.

    ♀Redheaded Sunshine☼

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