Is it possible to learn how to speak both French and Spanish during a period of 6 years?

I want to learn to speak French and Spanish in school. I think I only have 6 years.


  1. Yeah, I’m taking Spanish 4 next year and then I’m taking French 1 in 12th grade… it’s been 4 years and I’m fluent with Spanish. I’ve also learned 3 other languages in the process. My friend learned Japanese fluently in one year.

    Basically, yes you can if you try hard enough, study it every day, and really want to learn it. Good luck!

    xx 3DD Fan
  2. Yeah, just study hard and dedicate yourself to it. In my school we learn Spanish in three years and then have the option to take French for 1 year. Then I suppose you could take the rest of the French classes in college.

    Xx Kesshin Xx
  3. Easily. I would learn one first and perfect it. That might take 1-3 years. Then learn the other one. I speak both and they are quite similar. I was fluent in French first and it made it a lot easier to learn Spanish in terms of verb tenses and the whole "masculin-feminin" thing that doesn’t exist in English. Honestly, I wouldn’t even worry about it. 6 years is TONS of time!

  4. Of course you can. I studied German in high school and took it in college. When I started grad school I learned that the grad school I wanted to attend and was accepted to required TWO foreign languages so I had to learn another – French. I did make some confusions but it really wasn’t that tough. Go for it!

  5. Yes, absolutely, but you have to apply yourself.
    If you can go abroad after you’re done with school, it’s even better, because that would reinforce what you learn by actually forcing you to use your skills.


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