Is it possible to learn spanish and speak fluently at 14 and?

I’m living in an environment where they do not speak or teach Spanish. Is it possible for me to learn this language online daily and speak fluently in this language in the future? What language do you think would be a better option to learn? How many hours should i learn daily?


  1. yes, most teenagers in the Spanish-speaking world have mastered Spanish by 14.

    You cannot learn to speak fluently from a website, or from watching tv. You need to communicate with other speakers.

    You can get familiar with some words and phrases, but that is WAY different from speaking.

    Louie the linguist
  2. Spanish is easy – just learn to say the abc’s and the vowels. You can learn it online only if you can hear them speaking it. In the mean time practice your abc’s, listen to the radio or watch tv in spanish. Once you learn the Abc’s get a book in spanish and try sounding out the words. Once you learn the basics you can move on to more intricate language use.

    I can help if you need it.


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