Is it that much of a difference between Latin American Spanish and Spain Spanish?

I want to learn spanish and thought about using the rosetta stone. For spanish, they have two different choices, latin american spanish or spain spanish. I just wanted to know if there was a major difference and which is the best bet to buy.

I cant buy both either cz it would be wayyy to much!!


  1. well, it’s like the difference between American and British English (or Australian). There are different expressions, some different verbal conjugations, another slang words etc. But, basically we have the same grammar and spelling.

    Tha major differences are in the pronunciation. You colud hear both of them in Youtube and choice which are more easy to understand for you.

    Good luck!

  2. Learn Spanish, not Latin American spanish. Castillano is the original language. Once you know that, you can easily use it anywhere and sound good. You learn Latin American spanish and people will make fun of you in Spain.

    Antonio P
  3. Diffrences:
    1. The pronunciation of the "C", "S", and "Z" is different.
    2. The conjugation of verbs (especially in the imperative form) is different.
    3. Some words for nouns are used in different ways.

    The spanish used in the USA is the Latin American Spanish, so I think that’s the best bet to buy.

    Good luck.

  4. Best to learn the original Spanish in its purist form. Just as a point of interest not all countries referred to as "Latin American" speak Spanish. For instance Portugese is spoken in Brazil.In South America if a nation speaks a lanuage which has its roots in Latin,such as French,Italian, Spanish and Portugese they are referred to as Latinos Latin Americans.

  5. Latin American is to Spanish (Peninsular) Spanish, as US English is to British English.

    Same language, slightly different grammar, an occasional different word, or different meaning, and different slang, which extends, as you might well gather, to all regions…different slang in different parts of Mexico, for example.

    Whichever you learn, you will adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in. If you, for example, choose Pen. Spanish, and go to Mexico, people might occasionally give you a little, lighthearted giggle at your use of, say, the word "coche" for car, but they’ll understand you. If you try to ask for a straw, they might not, but you’ll be able to explain what you need, and they’ll tell you that isn’t "paja", but "porbotes". Most people are very generous with foreigners trying to learn their language.

    Base your decision on which location you THINK you’re more likely to go to.


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