Is it wrong just because I have a spanish or mexican last name to assume that I speak spanish.?

This weirdo who bought something from ebay all of the sudden assumes I am 100% mexican even before he acutally bought the item he asked. And now I just got an email from him now that the item is shipped asking why I dont speak spanish and if I am mexican and why I dont speak spanish because I have a mexican last name or whatever. thankfully I can translate everything this guy is saying in spanish throught google translate, I know he speaks english. what should I do about this guy? I am really trying to keep this as professional as I can.


  1. I know. I have a Spanish last name but I don’t speak it either. My father doesnt speak it either. My grandparent’s last name is German but they don’t speak German.

    …and in some parts of the country official government documents are written in Spanish and somebody with the last name "Smith" is assumed to be able to read them. It’s insane.

  2. Don’t do anything. He’s just really naive or closed-minded. Let him be the one that looks like an idiot…don’t let on like you are offended.

    Erica S
  3. well usually when you have a spanish last name it either means that you are spanish or that your parents are. In which case, you would speak spanish…not a bad assumption i dont think….I spanish too….and I can actually speak spanish.

    edgar m

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