Is Latin American Spanish better than Spanish or the other way?

I want to get rosetta stone but i don’t know which one is better/ easier/ more modern/ covers more countries etc? Can you help? Thank you x


  1. Latin Spanish is the best!!

    "Spaniard Spanish" accents are difficult to make, it’s a lot more confusing in listening and it’s harder to understand because of the usage of certain words.

    Anyway, there’s only one Spain and Latin countries are many more in this world 😉 so Latin Spanish is more common and useful…

    Note: The fact that it’s Latin, doesn’t mean that the grammar used is poorer than the one they speak in Spain. Obviously, in order to learn a new language you’d have to study proper language usage.

  2. If you want to learn spanish, then you are better learning the proper native spanish, not latin american. As that is different, also by learning the proper spanish language you will be able to pick up the other "spin off" languages such as mexican, latin amerian, etc

    *-* tweetypie *-*
  3. Hi 🙂

    I would say you go with the spanish you like better.

    The main differences are the different expressions and slangs, but the basics and the grammar are the same.

    Spain-Spanish is only spoken in Spain, and even if Latin American Spanish is spoken in many countries, each country has its own expressions and slangs. However, no matter which Spanish you choose, spanish is spanish.

    And Spain-spanish is not the "proper native spanish" at all. Maybe it was originated in Spain, but it has belonged to many countries for centuries, so is obvious it has evolved different according to the place.


  4. I don’t know what "Latin American Spanish" really means, but I tell you people don’t speak in the same manner in Mexico, Venezuela or Uruguay, and it’s not just the accent, but also differnet words and expressions. They all have in common the usage of "ustedes" as second person plural, instead of "vosotros" (Spain) but that’s about it.

    Proper Spanish is from where it originated;Spain, just as proper French is from France, not Quebec, proper English from England,not the Yanks, German from Germany, not Switzerland,…

    Now, which Spanish would do for you? Well, if you’re American, the one from Mexico is going to be probably more useful and easier for you, since they tend to "make up" words sounding very similar to english, probably due to the heavy influence of the US over there. These are just some examples:

    car ; carro (mex) ; coche (spain)
    carpet ; carpeta (mex) ; alfombra (spain)
    to report ; reportar (mex) ; denunciar (spain)
    computer ; computadora (mex) ; ordenador (spain)


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