Is Latin American Spanish spoken in South America?

Please don’t make fun of me if this is a stupid question to everyone else, Geography was not a good subject of mine.

I know Mexican spanish, and European spanish, because mexico and some of the European countries speak spanish. The only other place that spanish is spoken in North America is New Mexico, but that’s not a country and everyone there speaks English too right? not to mention it is right by Mexico so it shouldn’t sound much different. Is Latin American Spanish spoken in South America?


  1. Spanish is the oficial language of the following South American countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, and Argentina. The spanish between this countries may differ in pronunciation, entonation of some words and dialectical diferences.

    Tiburón Caribe
  2. Yes, Latin American Spanish is spoken in all of Central and South America, even in a couple of countries that have an official language of Portuguese or French. European Spanish differs in many ways from Latin Espanol, but If you know Mexican Spanish you can get by in any of the Latin countries. The accent or even some word usage can differ from country to country or even region to region, but they will understand you.


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