is mexican and central american spanish easier to learn than argentine and chilean spanish?

i already know beginner mexican spanish, but i have been told that south american spanish is way harder to learn and understand. is this true? will i have a hard time if i go to argentina? if i learn spanish in argentina, will it be a piece of cake for me to talk in mexico?


  1. I am mexican and I have to say that the spanish in mexico has been seriously influenced bye the US culture that it migth bee easier for you to speak and also it is more common for you to listen to mexican spanish (soap operas & stuff). But the thing is that its still the same language if you learn spanish you will understand it its like british and american english its the acent that changes plus the slag but it keeps the english essensials the same in spanish

  2. No, your "mexican" Spanish will be understood in Argentina and Chile – even Spain. But, they will probably know where you learned your Spanish, assuming that your pronunciation is that good.

    Not true about understanding. However, they have regional variations on certain words and their meanings. You will also run into some expressions that you probably won’t hear in Mexico.

    Can you understand and communicate with Australians? British? Canadians? It’s about the same between speakers of Spanish.


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