Is Mexican Spanish uniform or different?

1. How many major dialects are there in Mexican Spanish?

2. Is there such thing as "Standard Mexican" or "Neutral Mexican accent"? If there is, which area(estado) speaks the neutral/general Spanish?

3. Is Mexican accent totally different from Guatemalan accent(Mexico’s neighbor) and Cuban accent?
Do you think this is Mexican Spanish?


  1. As an answer to what type of accent is the one in the recording, is true is Mexican, but its an upscale or upscale wanna be accent from Mexico City, you can called it "Chilango Fresa".

    As for the other Questions:

    1.-Mexico has over 300 native (indian) languages spoken by native people, and every state has its share of dialects spoken. around 10% of the pop. speaks one; some don´t even speak spanish, the biggest ones are Nahuatl (aztec) and Mayan.

    There is no dialects that come from spanish only different accents, and slangs, some words change but no real difference,

    Just like there is differences between a Brooklin accent and a Texan one or from some one from California.

    2.-Neutral accent is spoken mostly by intelectuals and people on the news in radio and tv. there is no standard mexican accent since mexico is large enough to have many accents.

    For example for me, I´m a northen Mexican, i hear a neutral accent in Guadalajara, but if you ask somebody from Mexico City they will say that people from Guadalajara speaks with an accent…

    3.- Guatemalians speaks a differnt accent but very similar to the one they speak in Chiapas, the reason why is that Chiapas was once part of Guatemala, and also they share many native indian nations, like tzetzales and tzotziles, a mayan past etc,…

    Cubans speaks very different, they some times don´t pronounce the S and the R some times is pronounce like an L, its similar to the accent they speak in the Cannary Islands, and is similar but not the same to many accents in Spanish Caribbean.

    In the southern and east coast of Mexico people also don´t pronounce the S in the middle, so some people will find it similar to Cubans, but away from that, the accent and slang differs from one another.

    big bubba
  2. I can only answer the third question and that is YES…Oh Yes.
    Guatemalan accent is way different than Mexico’s, there are many words that have a different meaning, the way in which spanish is spoken is also very different. if you speak spanish fluently you will hear the differences.

  3. The accent is dependent on the region… very different on the north, than in say, Veracruz.

    Probably a well-educated person has a neutral accent, same as in any culture.

    Each country does seem to have its own accent.

    Written Spanish may look the same, but the meaning of certain words varies from country to country.

    Regina F
  4. Every Spanish country has different accent and every Estado and Region also have a bit of an accent is funny because Spanish is the main language but sometimes we can understand each other hope this helps

    Adrian R
  5. I would say that is the same situation with english in the USA. In the USA they have different accents depending in the region or state. People in Oklahoma have a different accent from people in California, or Illinois, even tough they all speak english, you get the idea. Now between countries that speak spanish, is the same than the english speaking countries. People in Usa speak different than people in Australia, or even England. In Spanish speaking countries like Mexico, they speak different than people in Guatemala, or Argentina or Spain. The accents are different and many words have other meanings.

  6. Theres juss 1 kindda spanish, no dialects, of course every country has their proper slang the same as every region in each country. Also every country and every region in each country has a different accent.

    All along latin america there r other indian languages tht exist sience the times bfore the spanish conquest, but they have nothing to do with spanish.

  7. There are differnet dialects alll over mexico, the northern states have a very peculiar accent, the people who live in mexico df(the capital) and for instance veracruz, they are right on the coast and they sound cubanesque to me,
    there is a standard mexican accent, idk if there is a particular place i could point to.
    mexican spanish is diff from other countries, there is a certain distinctive lilt it is def. different from guat, and cuba! even the words used to identify certain objects. ciaoooito


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