is platano a banana in mexican spanish? is a limon a lemon?

Im being honest my parents speak tex mex here is south texas, but they taught me banana is platano is banana in spanish and limon is lemon, were they wrong?


  1. Where I learned Spanish (Costa Rica), I was taught that plantains (big, starchy banana-like fruits that must be cooked before they are eaten) were platanos and bananas were bananos.

  2. Platano is member of the banana family that is always used cooked. The fruit has a sweet, banana-like flavor and a brownish-black skin when ripe, but when it’s green, it isn’t really edible. It can be served either savory or sweet.
    And yeah, limon is a lemon.

  3. A plantain, or platano is a banana like fruit that needs to be cooked. In it’s ripened form it looks like a giant yellow banana and it’s called a Platano Maduro. A banana is Guineo. A lime is limon, but so is a lemon.

    Jen N
  4. In most places, including Mexico, banana is called plátano. Limón is NOT a lemon in Mexico. Limón in Mexico is a lime. Lemons are very unusual in Mexico, hard to come by. I don’t think they are even cultivated here. When we get them they usually come from California and the stores give them crazy names like limón eureka (Eureka lime) or limón japonés (Japanese lime). To more confuse matters for those who are not fluent in Mexican Spanish there is another fruit called "lima" which is neither lime nor lemon, but seems to be a small watery tasting orange of some sort.
    As I recall from my trips to Spain in that country a limón IS in fact a lemon.

  5. A “limón” is what you call “lime”. A “lemon” is a “limón real”. There is a also a fruit called “lima”, I have no idea how do you call that in english. It’s green like a lime,but usually bigger, rounder and sweeter than a lemon.


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