Is telling Mexican-Americans they can not speak spanish at work against the law??

My husband’s work has made it their policy that no one can speak spanish at work. The manager was asking all of the english speakers if they were annoyed by the spanish speakers. Today they handed out a policy letter to all employees not to speak spanish.
Do they have a legal right to do that or is it going against freedom of speech and it is discrimination??
There were no customers around- they work in a warehouse.


  1. Your freedoms are limited by employment. There are companies that require their employees to speak English to customers. I’ve never heard of a total Prohibition but it could be legal

  2. I’m pretty sure that is discrimination. Especially if the employees were just speaking spanish amongst themselves; why should it bother the people that speak english in the slightest? I don’t know what type of company it is, but if they were speaking spanish to customers ( who were english speaking – therefore didn’t understand) then that would be something they could tell them to stop. But anything else would be discrimination I think. I would fight it.

  3. It is impolite to speak a language in front of someone that that person doesn’t know. For example, if I was having a conversation with you in Spanish, and someone that doesn’t speak it walks by… well, regardless of what we were discussing, they might think we’re talking about them. So yes, it’s rude. It is unethical to speak another language at work, but I don’t think it is against the law. Unfortunately, the employer is looking out for the well-being of his employees.

  4. In the US, it is not illegal discrimination to require English only on the job. The boss is not telling just one race, gender, nationality or religion to speak English only. He is telling everyone.

    Not illegal.

  5. I don’t know the legal answer to this question, but I will say that , while at work I think people should speak the language of the country that they are working in. If they were on a break or lunch and of course off work, they can speak whatever they want. Common courtesy is all. What would they say in Mexico if we spoke English while working I wonder. Most likely the same.

    P. J
  6. In NY is potentially illegal and can be enter into the category of discrimination, especially because in this State English is only spoken 60%.

    Hotel and restaurant employers should be very careful about everything they say, because law suits for discrimination are very popular and could loose a lot of money.

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH. 8th Amendment


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