is the mexican spanish different than spanish spanish?

like american english and british english, is mexican spanish and spanish spanish different?


  1. Yes. You bring up a good analogy. Like British English compared with North American English, there are a number of words and phrases that are different, but it is still English, albeit with different accents.

    Spaniards tend to be more language purists and are much more likely to cringe at a lot of the "Spanglish" ("troque" for "truck", or "lonche" for "lunch") that has crept into Mexican, TexMex and "Cali" Spanish, and to a lesser extent some parts of South America.

    As far as accents go, Spaniards tend to say "th" for the "s" sound, just like Americans tend to replace "t" sounds with "d" sounds (eg, we pronounce "Patty" as Pad-ee, whereas Britons might pronounce it as Pat-tee.

    However, in either case, you will be understood. It is, after all, Spanish. You just might have to ask "como?" (huh?) once a day.

  2. only a different accent

    but the language is the same and could be understood

    spanish spanish has a LISP added to words… while mexican spanish does not

  3. in some ways. their "slang" terms slang terms are different. there isnt much difference in the grammer. and in spain, there are a few words used there that are not used much in mexico. for example the word vosotros. which mean (you all or y’all). mexicans dont use that term, but if you do use it there they will understand you. and they might have different accents, too.

  4. Mexican Spanish uses a lot of slang that would not be understood in Spain; however, the proper educated language differs far less between Spain and Mexico – and indeed, between Spain and most South American varieties of Spanish, than British and American English. Possible exceptions are Argentina and Uruguay where they use many different words and verb forms of their own. However, other Spanish speakers have little difficulty in understanding them.

  5. Not much Mexican Spanish is actually more like Andalusian Spanish than Castilian Spanish American English is actually more like RP English from i have heard a lot of Spanish spoken in Latin America resembles Andalusian Spanish more then Castilian Spanish i wonder if American English resembles Rp English.


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