Is there a difference between being spanish, latino/a, and mexican?

was talking about this in spanish class. im half italian and half spanish. (from spain on my mothers side) but other people tell me that spanish and mexican are both from mexico. while latio/a is from south america? ~culturally confused in class~


  1. Latino means anything south of America in the modern form of the word. Previously, it was used to describe those with languages derived form Latin, aka the romance languages (Romania, France, Spain, and Italy all fall in this category). Mexican just means from Mexico, it’s a nationality. Spanish means from Spain, also a nationality.

    El Jefe
  2. spanish: white europeans that speak spanish
    latino: all of the spanish island people and south americans
    mexican: well the aztecs and inca people that can speak spanish

    The Barbie
  3. @The Barbie,
    You sound so Dumb Ignorant and Stupid.
    First of all, Spanish people are from Spain (PERIOD)
    Second, Latinos are from Latin America (Including Mexico)
    Third, A Mexican person is from Mexico and can either be WHITE, BLACK, MESTIZO, INDIGENOUS, ASIAN ETC, so by you saying that they are Aztecs and Inca people sounds and makes you look stupid and ignorant.

    Please get an education.

    The differences are that a,
    Spanish person is from Spain.
    Latinos are from Latin America
    Mexicans are from Mexico (Latin America)

    Sandra Ulen
  4. Whoa, what kind of people are in your class? Mexicans are from Mexico. Spanish people are from Spain. Latinos are people of the Spanish speaking Americas. And yeah, pretty basic really.

    Mr. Oak
  5. Spanish people are the people of Spain(located in south western Europe),Mexican people are the people of Mexico(a country located in north America).Spanish people are not the same as the people of Mexico since there exists racial,ethnic,cultural,language, & religious differences.Spain"s culture is exclusively European based but Mexico’s culture is more like a hybrid with both European & American Indian influences all mixed together as one.

    Soldier of Spain

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