Is there a difference between European Spanish and Latin American Spanish?

I was using translation and the words were the same so could someone tell me what the difference is or if there is even a difference?


  1. Yes, there are a lot of differences, such their accent, It’s different in Each Country, and other things

    P.S: You’re wrong anonnymusss, Vosotros= You (plural)
    Nosotros= We

    Sebas GIRaldo
  2. Yes there is! Since Spanish originated in Spain it is said to be "proper" Spanish they use different accent marks(grammar), some words are different (vocabulary), and (Pronunciation) those are the main diffrences Latin American Spanish is "slang" those who are from Spain speak proper Spanish! it’s stupid lol.

    Thanks for correcting me ppl! lol. ^^^ ur right I forgot vosotros -_- lol.

    Other than slang, probably the biggest class of vocabulary differences you’ll come across is in the use of suffixes. A lápiz is a pencil or crayon everywhere, but a lapicero is a pencil holder in some areas, a mechanical pencil in others, and a ball-point pen in still others. There are also fair number of blatant differences, such as a computer being an ordenador in Spain but a computadora in Latin America,


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