Is there a heavy difference between Mexican-Spanish and Cuban?

i took four years of Mexican-Spanish in high school, and i know it pretty well. would it be easy for me to learn Cuban? what are some of the big differences?


  1. There is no big diferences between Mexican, Spanish and Cuban… They are almost the same! Only a few words and the accent change! xD

    I know it because I’m spanish and I understand perfectly the mexican, cuban, etc.

    Yagami C.
  2. Um based on what my teacher told me the only big difference is the accent and whether or not they blend their words. So let’s say Cuban’s said the word abogado (for lawyer i think) they would say it way faster then you and I would. Sometimes they will have accents that make it hard for American’s to understand..but i think it should be fairly easy..try it!


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