Is there a major difference in Latin American Spanish, and European Spanish?

I am an native Spanish Speaker (Spain). I was wondering why every thing says "Latin American" or "European (Spain)" …. Is there that much of a difference?

The only thing I know as a difference is my middle name. Ciro. I’d say "THEE-ro" and I heard in Latin America it would be pronounced "SEE-ro"


  1. si, hay muchas palabras que dicen en españa que aca en latinoamerica no existen y muchas que para los latinoamericanos tienen otro significado. ademas de la forma de pronunciar.

  2. it’s enough to say that mexican spanish, puerto rican, colombian, venezuelan (and more) are different, even though we are in the same continent 😀

    we understand between us, but there are differences, in pronunciation mostly, usage of words too, if you say a word here (in Venezuela) it probably won’t mean the same if you say it there in Spain or other latin american country… i’ve heard that you there use to say a lot of bad words ("groserías" I mean) even in a school, on TV, here we are not use to that

    I hope you get my point

  3. There are pronunciation differences and different uses of some words, but the difference is basically like the difference between different dialects of English (American, British, Australian).

    Lea M
  4. Besides the obvious difference in the "Z" in Spain and "S" in Latin american pronunciation, there are other differences. Our lives evolved in different contexts and there are names for things which are different from country to country, even from city to city in the same country.
    In Spain there are people who speak differently depending on the part of the country they are, right? the same happens here.
    We are able to communicate and understand each other most of the times.

    latin friend
  5. well for me its basically the same.. the only thing is some words.. for example.. tu and vos and little things like that
    though some letters so sound different..
    and also the words people use as slang or bad words… or stuff like that… that if you say it in another country people will look at you like WHAT?

    saluditos (:

    ɑle lala βσσ [§ωåт] & Davi (ỲяŊ)

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