Is there a program that will teach me the Mexican dialect of Spanish?

I recently bought a computer program to learn spanish. It had a picture of a place in mexico on the back cover (with a mexican flag) so I thought it would have mexican dialect. No such luck. in the program the main character is on a trip to spain and the spainsh dialect is taught. (coche instead of carro "car")
Since I plan to go to mexico, and not spain, I was hoping someone knows of a company that makes a program that will teach mexican spanish and not spain’s. Or even a computer program that allows you to pick the dialect you want to learn.

And for those of you that wonder the importance. just think of all the differences between american, british, and australian english.


  1. Check out: Linguaphone Starter Course
    for Latin American Spanish
    https://www . multilingualbooks . com/spanmain . html

    Also, the well known, and pricey, Rosetta Stone program offers it.
    Here is an affordable option:
    The Chattanooga Library in Tennessee offers an on-line membership for only $30.00 per year. For this, you are able to access any Rosetta Stone language tutorial!
    Just click on the link below! On the left side of the website,
    click on databases and then you’ll see Rosetta Stone.
    https://www . lib . chattanooga . gov/librarycards . html
    (Eliminate the spaces before and after the dots)
    ¡Buena suerte!
    Mar@GrupoAmikema . org

  2. Don´t worry too much
    Here in Mexico we understand either coche or carro as many of other words, we use both. Some of them are more common, but you will learn them here.
    I know I have a weird accent when I speak English, but most of the time people understand me when they come to Mexico or when I go to some place where they only speak english like Canada or USA.
    The most important thing is that you study your lessons and don´t be worried of making mistakes because you are learning.
    I had lived in differents cities here in Mexico and even that I´m a spanish speaker I had to learn the spanish of the other city, the specifics words that I don´t use in my city. If you already know a language, don´t worry, it will make it easier
    I don´t know any computer program, here in Mexico you only find them for foreing languages, but don´t worry unles you need to have a very high level of spanish

    Daniela L

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