Just because one is “part” Mexican, why is it in the opinion of some, that they must speak Spanish?

My 29-year old sister was basically chewed out by a complete stranger for not knowing how to speak Spanish–right here in America! We are about and 1/8 Mexican and an 1/8 Ecuadorian (with the other 75% being Danish, Dutch, French, Irish, Italian, and Scottish mixed in)–should we also be able to speak those 4 languages–along with the Irish and Scottish accents?


  1. Thats not right. My husband is mexican, and cannot speak a lick of spanish. I am completely caucasian and probably speak more spanish than he does. I think it is a personal choice if you all want to speak english, spanish, alien. If they dont like it they can go elsewhere….

  2. lol girl my dad is chalden and my mom is black but i didnt grow up wiith my dad so i know NOTHING about my chaldean heritage. I work n a prodominantly arab area. i get it all the time. they even tell me i pronounce my own name wrong. i say F%C& them

  3. That’s laughable. No, You shouldn’t learn all seventeen languages (or however many ethnicities you derive from), unless you really have a burning desire to do so. Spanish language is well-guarded in the United States for some reason, and to learn it to true fluency is difficult (There are probably a million Americans who claim Spanish-speaking ability but are only semi-fluent). I am also "part" Hispanic, and I learned Spanish language throughout my meandering in our country, but I only did that because I really had a desire to do so. Don’t feel pressured to learn Spanish (or any of those other languages) if you don’t want to.

  4. I feel your pain; I am totally white and live in Southern California and have been chewed out for not speaking Spanish. It doesn’t have anything to do with race, so much as the fact that the majority of speakers here in the Los Angeles area do, in fact, speak Spanish. I have literally been told, "Spanish is the language of the future; you better learn it."

    I have a good start, though—I know all the dirty words.

    Mr. Johan
  5. I’m Spanish (about 1/2) and I can’t speak it. The only time I was criticized for it was from a European from Spain, because Europeans speak on average, about 3 languages.

    In contrast, America is one of the only cultures who are arrogant enough to just speak one. Not to say that my opinion is that we are arrogant, but that is how others perceive us for being so focused on only one language.

    About your back story and the treatment of your sister… I’d tell the guy to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine for being so assumptive. That’d either shut him up or make it very clear to leave her alone.

    Laura J
  6. I think it depends on where you live. I have no Hispanic ancestry (that I am aware of) whatsoever, but here in Bakersfield California, Spanish language skills are very useful. I wish I spoke more. Most employers around here will pay a 10-15% premium to bilingual employees.

    But no, you shouldn’t be criticized because you don;t speak it, any more than you should be criticized for not speaking Dutch or French.

    David H

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