Latin American Spanish vs. Spain Spanish… Learning the language?

Is there a huge difference between Latin American Spanish and Spain Spanish? I’m trying to learn to speak Spanish and my fiance picked up Spain Spanish. Are there huge difference between the two? Thanks.


  1. Where they have different accents. From Mexico to Argentina, there are so many different accents. 21 countries have Spanish as an official language. In each of these countries, they have their unique accents, expressions, connotations, and more. Some people think that Spain Spanish is correct or authentic but each accent is considered Spanish as well. And yes Spaniards do pronounce "ce" like "th". So Barcelona = bar"th"elona. I hope this helps.

  2. There’s not much difference between these languages, the only differences is the accent(in the pronunciation), and many vocabulary, in argentina there’s another spanish, in argentina changes the pronoun "you" (mexico: tu, argentina: vos) and in the imperative form of the verbs (mexico: ven, argentina: vení) (to come)

    the spanish spoken in spain is called castilian spanish, and the spanish in mexico,colombia,peru,etc is called latin spanish.

    Trust me, I’m mexican xD hehehe I’m so sorry if I made mistakes(:

    I can teach you spanish if you want(:
    add me:

  3. It’s similar but there are definately a lot of differences in pronunciation and in vocabulary. For example, I’m Spanish and I always have a hard time trying to understand latin people


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