Mexican and can't speak spanish? Help?

I am 75% mexican although I consider myself full…My mother is half mexican an half white she does not speak spanish (That’s the reason why) My dad’s family all speaks spanish (I don’t live with him) And my grandma (Mom’s side) Speaks spanish…But I have a white accent but I can understand some words..My boyfriend speaks Spanish and so does his family. None of them really speak english good except his brother and sisters and himself. I really wanna learn so I can speak with my other family members and his family…Spanish seems very hard for me I feel stupid when I try to speak it. Please help?? I don’t have very much money…so what can help me?
My email is if you wanna contact me (:


  1. why don’t you just ask your boyfriend or grandmother to teach you, and in exchange you can teach them some english. but if not, you can go to your local bookstore or library and ask someone who works there to point you to the language section. during school i took 4 years of spanish and i can speak it better than i can understand it. that’s because there’s different dialects – meaning that there’s mexican spanish, spain spanish, south american spanish, etc. but your best bet is to go to some sort of bookstore and see what’s there. also, try googling "spanish tutor" or "i want to learn spanish" or something like that and see what turns up. i know for sure that rosetta stone is one of the best things you can have, but that can get pretty expensive. good luck!

  2. Ask your boyfriend’s family, or your grandma for help.

    btw, having mexican heritage doesn’t make you mexican if you don’t partake in their culture.

  3. Honestly, it’s great that you want to connect with your family, but at the same time, you got to be true and honest with yourself as well. You’re an American Hispanic and English is your language. You’ll probably never be able to speak Spanish without an accent and stuff. You probably won’t be able to communicate fluently with other people either. It takes years, and that’s if you studied everyday. That’s okay. Just take it easy and don’t be too hard on yourself. That’s who you are, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    That being said, your boyfriend is probably the best person to get your feet we with and learn little tidbits from, since you spend a lot of time with him. Also, you might want to get a basic beginner’s course in Spanish, or maybe buy a beginner’s book at the bookstore. That’ll let you learn the basics of Spanish words, like "el, la, yo, etc."

    Otherwise, I think it’s just easier if you accept yourself for who you are. I mean you can still hang out with your family, even i fyou don’t understand what they say completely. They’ll understand.

    The Royal Surge
  4. You should NEVER post your personal information on a site like this one!

    You are 75% Mexican, but you were raised in the US? You’re AMERICAN!

    Of COURSE you have a "white" (????? What’s "white"?) accent. ANGLO…It’s an ANGLO accent! Because you speak English first!

    I’m pretty sure that all kids who are raised speaking both languages have a little bleed-over in their accent, in both languages.


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