Mexican people with curly have more spanish decent?

I know that the meaning of being mexican is having part native indian haritage from aztec and spanish decent from spain So is it true that those with curls in their hair are more spanish than native indian?


  1. YES. For instance, you will see Mexican men that don’t have hair on their chest, but Spanish men do. Native Americans naturally didn’t have hair on their chest for instance and didn’t have curly hair. Remember that Native Americans originally came from Asia a long time ago.

    Azian Playa
  2. Maybe, or it may be African Ancestry (I notice a few Mexicans that looks like they may have some African Ancestry). I’m Indigenous, from Central America, and my hair is very straight, straighter than most Mexicans. I don’t think curly hair is in our blood. Some White looking, and Mestizos, Mexicans do have straight hair. It doesn’t necessarily mean one may have more Spanish blood tho.

  3. First off Mexicans are of more than just aztec and spanish decent, there were also the zapotec, mayans, and other groups and there was the french, germans, russians and other european groups. Although not all spaniards have curly hair, I know some white complected mexicans with straight hair, as straight as indian hair and I am dark complected but have wavy looking hair. Don’t forget that there was a few african slaves brought to mexico.

  4. Well, the indigenous population of Mexico have mostly straight hair, however curly hair, as someone mentioned, can also come from African ancestry (slaves brought by the Spaniards that mixed with the population)not only from Spaniards , or other European immigrants.
    Also, curly hair is a dominant trait, so even if someone have curly hair it doesn’t mean that they are more European (or African) than native.

  5. Being Mexican simply means you’re born in Mexico, it’s a nationality not an ethnicity. A Mexican could have hair that’s straight or curly or for that matter they might be a natural blonde, brunette or redhead.

  6. Honestly I’m confused. My great grandfather had really nappy hair like african hair, flurred nostrils and dark skin, my dad’s grandfather. My father was really blonde though, with hazel eyes. My mom is darker than my dad with straight hair as well. My mom’s mother andlso has really nappy hair All my siblings have straight hair but me. Can it be possible for me to have African blood. I’m bronze with green eyes and nappy hair.

  7. Does anyone know what the indigenous peoples of the Americas looked like? The US alone has over 500 federally recognized tribes. Most of these people were black and many had nappy hair. You can not assume someone is from Africa just because they are black or have nappy hair. Most blacks were never slaves and most so-called slave ships were Intracoastal. They didn’t come from Africa. In fact, we actually shipped native Americans to Africa.

  8. I’m Mexican with curly hair and kinda Asian looking eyes …most people think I’m from the Philippines but I would really like to know where my ancestors are from

    Stacy Rivera
  9. Anyone who has ever stepped on a reservation in the US can tell Mike that he is wrong. Some Indians had dark skin, almost all of themy had straight hair. The only reason anyone would say that Indians had nappy hair is if they are talking to a southerner that’s part native and part black.


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