Mexicans don’t speak two languages only as most people think?

If they reside in the United States then they most likely speak three languages. English, Spanish and Nahuatl. Most Mexicans don’t know that when they speak Spanish they are actually using a lot of vocabulary from the so called Aztec language. As many of you may know. Mexicans are basically a combination of the l Aztec Warrior and the Imperialist Spaniard from Europe. They use a lot of words from the Nahuatl language and dont even realize it. Mexicans speak a hybrid of the Nahuatl language and Spanish. Now three with English haha.


  1. I agree with the last answers. In most Latin American countries we speak Spanish (castellano), with lots of words borrowed from the native languages of each place. That’s the reason of some of the differences in the ways we speak. But it is Spanish.
    There are a few people who also speak a native language (Nahuatl in the case of Mexico, or part of Mexico at least), but unfortunately it’s a minority.

    In terms of race, though, it’s different. The person who says that "there is nothing left of the genetic make-up of the Aztecs left in any Mexican" is totally crazy. I don’t think he has ever gone to Mexico (or Latin America for that matter).

  2. No, they aren’t. They are not descendants of the Aztecs as so many of you Mexicans would like to think. The Aztecs died out hundreds of years ago and there is nothing left of the genetic make-up of the Aztecs left in any Mexican.

    Further, the language that most Mexicans speak is NOT a combination of the Nahuatl language and Spanish. It is predominantly Spanish with perhaps a change in only the pronunciation from Castillano to Mexican. Yes, there are areas in Mexico wherein some Mexicans speak Nahuatl and other native languages, but the language is more Spanish than Nahuatl.

  3. Not really. I mean, in spanish we speak many words that are in nahuatl. But that doesn’t mean we can actually have a conversation in that dialect. Of course there are people who speak nahuatl fluently, but it’s very rare.

    So, no, not all mexicans speak nahuatl.

    ♥ ana ♥
  4. I am not sure what you say is completely accurate. While it is true that some isolated words have a nahuatl origin, it is not common to use nahuatl at all. At least in the big cities. I am from Mexico City, and I can assure you we speak plain Spanish all the time. Some indigenists in some towns still use old languages, but they can barely speak Spanish.
    And, no, I can t understand nahuatl, and people who still speak Nahuatl cannot understand Spanish.

    rick d

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