Most Europeans speak 3 languages. Mexican/Xicanos are Bilingual, so why U Anglomonolinguals fear Bilingualism?



  1. Because the liberal-republican foreign policies fear Hispanics/Latinos and especially Mexicanos due to political reasons. A minority fear the majority taking over by democracy, so they turned to communist republican autocrats.

  2. Ohhh do you feel special when your using big big words, bless your heart.

    I have no idea who the Anglomonolinguals are but this American girl speaks 3 languages also and most of her friends speak at least 2 in fact most schools teach at least 2 optional languages paid for by the taxpayer.

    If so many Mexicans are bilingual why are we providing interpreters? To keep them company?

    Rabid Frog
  3. We already speak the language of international business, aviation, science, diplomacy, media and on and on and on.

    We don’t fear bilingualism.. it just serves no practical purpose for us.

  4. If I move to a Spanish speaking country, I will learn Spanish.
    I live in the U.S. so I speak English.

    There are people that speak DOZENS of languages here. It is THEIR obligation to learn English to communicate with us, not the other way around. We are not OBLIGATED to learn theirs!!!!

    P.S. The way you phrase it, ALL Mexican/Xicanos are Bilingual. WRONG!!!

  5. I don’t know why. I think it makes them uncomfortable to have other people know more languages, and they want to rebel by not learning more. Little do they know, they are only hurting themselves.

    In Israel they speak Hebrew, Arabic and English. The signs are often in 3 languages. Wonder if they complain like we do?

    In Switzerland they speak German, French and English, signs in all three, and I don’t think they complain either.

    When did we all become big babies and whine about everything others know that we do not?

    I don’t give a crap if I have to press a number to get helped in English. I called my doctor yesterday and remembered the whiners on YA. I think it is great that we have mulit-lingual staff that can help a lot of different people. I only wish I spoke more languages. I may take Arabic 2 this summer just for fun!

    Psi Chi member
  6. Many, many, many, many Americans speak 2 or more languages. The difference is that we choose to use English, as it the customary and de facto language. Don’t for a second think we can’t speak something else if we need to.

    steddy voter
  7. Crezca para arriba a americanos y pare el odiar y el temer del desconocido.

    and no I’m not mexican i went to school and actually paid attention because I plan to travel someday and speak other languages and not force ENGLISH on other nations.
    The above says —Grow up Americans and quit hating and fearing the unknown

    Delores M
  8. its a lot of time and effort for something that we would never use.

    europe has about 20 countries in an area the size of the US. there is much border crossing and communication going on there between countries.

    the mexicans come here to live and work, we dont go there to stay for any extended period of time.

  9. It’s not that we fear it but we shouldn’t have to learn it just so we can order fries and a burger at McDonald’s. They are in Our Country. That is Porque. if I ever plan on moving to Mexico Gag gag I will learn their language better than I have been forced to.

  10. I speak more than one language, by choice…. I do not want another language forced on me, in school I was taught English, because the US is an English speaking country- so someone else comes to my country and expects me to learn their language.. yeah OK- I wouldn’t go to Germany and expect them to speak to me in English because I’m in their country and only speak English.. that would be kind of rude don’t you think….

  11. A person who speaks three languages is called trilingual. A person who speaks to is a bilingual. What is a person who speaks one language called? An American.

  12. American’s are always posting that they can speak more than one language! I don’t think taking French I in high school counts! If you cannot hold a conversation then you cannot speak that language! I took French in HS, does that make me trilingual? NO!

  13. English is the primary language in the USA. Other immigrants learn english when they want to live here so why dont hispanics? My husband is hispanic and speaks english and has relatives here for 10-15 years who refuse to learn the english language! They told us when we had our son that we should teach him spanish and let him learn english in school! That is the mentality they have! Nevermind that their non english speaking kids are mainstreamed into schools taking time away from american children who are held back in class while teachers try to work with kids who cant speak english! In my sons elementary school there are several translators but the school nurse is in school 1 day a week, because they cant afford to have her there every day! If these people would learn the language it would show their respect not only for the country but also for the people here! Since when in america have you ever heard "Press1 for german or japanese? No only spanish!! Why? Because they do not respect our language nor our country nor our laws! When in rome do as the romans! Why do illegals who are lawbreakers think they deserve special treatment but dont have to learn the language? So your question shouldn’t be to americans about english, it should be directed towards hispanics who want to live here and reap the benefits but refuse to learn the english language! But then again, maybe they are too ignorant! That 6th grade education they get in mexico makes them geniuses right?! Just like entering the country illegally gives them the right to disreguard our laws and culture! Whatever!

    Christine R
  14. Who fears it? I’d LOVE to speak as many languages as their are! I’m not very good at it, though, and I’d have to be surrounded by the language to be able to get it. Why the generalizations? And the Mexicans I know are not bilingual. Frankly, if many of them were, one of the issues of their immigration would be solved. What’s a "Xicano" by the way?

  15. I dont think it is whining. Learning to speak spanish should not be forced upon us. Some colleges will not give you a degree even if you do well in your other classes if you do not learn a foreign language. BULL#$&%!!!! This is America. We speak English!!! I dont care about LEGAL immigrants, but they should conform to us, we shouldn’t have to confor m to their ways. If thay are all bilingual they how come we have to do eveything in Spanish also?? Learn our language or go home. Nuff said. I refuse to learn Spanish for I am a redblooded American. It is of no interest or value to me.

  16. Why don’t Spanish want to learn Japanese, Chinese, and Korean to communicate with the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean immigrants in the USA??
    They expect us to learn Spanish , so Americans should ALL learn every immigrants language so we can communicate with everybody in their own language!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let’s start with the list now of languages we need to learn.
    Let’s see…French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai…well, I listed some, maybe someone else can think of some more we need to learn…we have a LOT of immigrants here from a LOT of countries that speak a LOT of different languages and we gotta be fair, right???????

  17. “The United States is the only country I know where people are convinced that speaking only one language is better than speaking two or three,”… the United States… lazy and uneducated.

  18. Yoly
    Where do you live? How many languages do you speak??
    If you speak more than one, good for you!! I do too…as do a lot of posters on here.
    Where do you get your information that Americans are "lazy" to learn to speak more than one language??
    America is the biggest melting pot IN THE WORLD!!!
    It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to be "accommodating" to all immigrants and "learn their language" as has been said over and over.

    It is just WRONG for any ONE foreign language to be shoved down someone’s throat as if they MUST learn it!!!!
    It is wrong for an immigrant (Spanish) to come here and insist that ALL Americans learn THEIR language to communicate with them. In certain areas of the country there are many more Asians than others…just as it would be WRONG for them to INSIST that we learn theirs!!

    Lots of Americans are college educated, and at the very least had at least one year of a foreign language although a lot of people had more. Your post is incorrect and is unnecessarily insulting to Americans.

  19. I strongly believe the reason is because English is a very widely used language and a big reason is because Money speaks English, they have no reason to learn any other language. Its a very sad truth. Most Americans need to be educated of other cultures and languages so we can prove to the world we are as smart as the French, Swiss, Dutch, etc. We as Americans are falling behind in the world its time for us to catch up and prove we are the best. Sadly not a lot of Americans agree with this perspective. I think that immigrants either legally or illegaly should learn English and keep their traditions alive by teaching their original language to their children. It wouldn’t hurt though for Americans to learn extra languages.

  20. Salvatrucho

    The crux of this whole subject IS NOT about Americans "learning a foreign language, any foreign language" The point is that Americans are not REQUIRED TO LEARN SPANISH, and they especially don’t need to learn it to "prove" anything to another country.. for what reason? If Americans are educated, and they learn "A" foreign language in the course of their studies, or their relationships with others, BULLY for them!!
    My wife is Filipina…I learned to speak Tagalog since I’ve been married to her. There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of people from the Philippines here…I had an INTEREST to learn the language, and I DID!!
    There are MANY MILLIONS of immigrants here from literally dozens of countries ALL with different languages…
    Not a single one of them that I know of except a certain Spanish speaking country is trying to insist that English speaking people learn THEIR language to communicate with them, many of whom refuse to learn English.
    Guess which one it is??
    BTW…I speak Spanish also…

  21. If the USA is a free country, then everyone should have the freedom to speak whatever language he chooses. The first amendment freedom of speech does not say it is limited to a particular language. Spain got here before the Brits. That´s why so many cities, for example, have spanish names. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Florida, El Paso, Puerto Rico (a U.S. commonwealth where most people speak spanish), Colorado, Nevada, etc etc etc. I am a hillbilly from Kentucky and speak perfect spanish, conversationally, written and people think I have lived in a spanish speaking country for many years. I have never lived outside the state of Kentucky.

    And by the way, spanish immigrants are very desirous of learning to speak english but so many people are so busy complaining about it, they have no time to give a helping hand. What if you had to head south to live due to some catastrophic natural disaster? Wouldn’t you appreciate it if they tolerated your english at least long enough for you to learn spanish? And maybe it would be helpful if someone took a little bit of time to teach you some spanish as you struggled to adapt for purposes of survival.

    Look up Emma Lazarus with your favorite search engine and see what she wrote that now is written on the Statue of Liberty.


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